The Deep End

Freshman student Liam Torchia has been making waves since his arrival at New Paltz in August. Last Wednesday, Torchia performed at an open mic and blew away the audience by playing an original song. His delicate and soulful voice, accompanied by sincere lyrics and skilled guitar rhythms, is enchanting and reminiscent of artists like James Bay or John Mayer. 

        Torchia is currently working on a new record, working tirelessly at the studio when he’s back home, finishing songs up and making sure they sound perfect. Though he doesn’t have an exact release date for anything yet, new music is definitely on the way. 

“The album has a lot of heart,” Torchia said. “At its core it’s about a relationship, but it’s more complex than just a breakup album. I’ve been working on it for the past six months, and during that time I went through a lot of change, both a new school and living away from home.” 

When it’s done, the album will reflect these life changes, which many students can surely relate to. “I had to learn to grow as a person,” Torchia said. “I listen a lot of music, but haven’t truly been able to find a perspective of someone around my age or who went through a similar experience, and thats what I wanted to do; I wanted to give my perspective on such a crazy time.” Between graduating, moving on, missing home and missing his family, there is a lot that Torchia wants to honestly encapsulate within this album, with lyrics like “don’t you think for a second I’m over you/ I’m just a mess and I’m feeling it too,” and “I’m trying to be there for you, but it’s just kind of hard when I can’t even reach you.” 

With growing up and changing as the common theme of this project, he draws inspiration from his favorite childhood musicians. “I have an eclectic set of inspirations,” Torchia said. “I really try to make it my goal to include and incorporate all of the sounds that have inspired me throughout my whole life so that I’m offering up a sound that offers rock, hip hop, jazz and blues influences.” 

        If you want to keep track of Liam’s performance dates and upcoming projects, you can listen to his radio show from 5-6 PM Wednesdays on, or follow him on Instagram, @liamtorchia_.

Dani Walpole
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