The Deep End: Deadbeat Racketeers

Deadbeat Racketeers is the duo of third-year students Matthew Muller and David Hodorowski. The band has a short history, dating back to the fall semester of 2017. Inspiration for the band struck when Muller heard Hodorowski play “Julia” by The Beatles. “I hadn’t heard it performed ever like, live, and it really caught my ear,” Muller said. 

Though the idea for the band was born that semester, things were halted while Hodorowski studied abroad in Ireland. Upon his return, things really took off. “We used the winter break to get stuff off the ground and that’s when we really started making music,” Hodorowski said. “Since then, we’ve just been trying to make as much as possible.”

The music comes naturally for the two. Most times, they write songs individually, then bring it to the other for any changes, additions or aid. In general, Hodorowski focuses on writing vocal melodies, while Muller takes charge on guitar riffs and both work on chord progressions. On every song, one of the two usually takes control, but the number of songs each has written remains pretty equal. 

For sonic influences, the band cites the ‘70s as the era they feel inspired by the most, due to a mutual attraction to the decade. Muller noted that their songs are “‘70s rock songs that are disguised as an R&B song or a grunge song, or something like that.” Though each of their tracks has a different sound, this is the one aspect that seems to carry through. 

Deadbeat Racketeers currently have three songs out (“Invisible,” “Easy” and “Sunset Shore”) on Soundcloud and have three more on the horizon (in total, Muller says they have close to 17 songs written). In the future, the band hopes to spend the summer playing live shows and continuing to release. “I think music is kind of not complete unless you’re both performing it and releasing it, the way that I see it,” Hodorowski said. 

To keep up with the band and their upcoming releases and shows, follow them on Instagram, @deadbeatracketeers.

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