The Deep End: On Pink

On Pink is a band featuring Joe Ippolito on guitar, Danny Eberle on drums and Tom Giuzio on bass. They’re three boys from Staten Island, New York that started playing together at a Saturday band program at the age of 12. 

At first, they were playing covers of classic and alternative rock hits, which meant a lot of Led Zeppelin. Besides Zeppelin, they were inspired by the likes of Weezer, Tame Impala, Ty Segull and Swans. 

Later, still in their early days, the boys of On Pink put together a 37-track experimental project. Eberle was watching “Mean Girls”, and when he had to name the project, he thought of “On Pink We Wear Wednesdays.” Eventually they became known as just On Pink. 

Their first record, On Pink is Good came out in July 2016. “It’s definitely the dirtiest of the bunch,” Ippolito said. Some of it was recorded in Ippolito’s garage, other parts in the practice rooms of LaGuardia High School, and the vocals were recorded in Blast Off Studios. This album was recorded on tape, which means that everything was done live ­— it was a direct contrast to the second record. 

In October 2017, On Pink put out We Where Wednesdays?, a five track, carefully calculated album. The boys spent weeks tempo mapping the album. It was more of a studio album with dog barks and sirens. 

“It was very cartoony, but it was the first time that we took songwriting and the craft of song seriously,” Eberle said. 

Soon, the third On Pink album will be released. It was tracked a few towns over from New Paltz in Hopewell Junction. This time, Ippolito, Eberle and Giuzio recorded in a much more professional studio than the past two records and like their first record, the third is tracked to tape. 

Some hints about what to expect: it’s minimal – it only has guitar, bass and drums; half the album is planned and the other half is improvised; everything is there for a reason. 

Their first two albums are on bandcamp, along with their upcoming shows – and they have a tour soon to come!

Dani Gardner
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