The Deep End: Woodshedding

Elijah Rehill

Woodshedding is a New Paltz indie folk band that carved out a home in the hearts of New Paltz locals. The band is made up of fourth-year Elijah Bloome (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Songwriter), third-year James Etienne (Backup Vocals, Bass), fourth-year Kyle Ossont (Backup Vocals, Violin) and third-year Matthew Kopec (Drums).

Woodshedding began as a solo project for Bloome, which brewed at a classic Monday Open Mic night at Cafeteria in 2017. Bloome met Etienne that following September, and together they picked Ossont up shortly after coming together. Kopec is the newest member, having joined in Fall 2018. Basements, living rooms and bars have become the home for this special indie folk music for at least a year now. Woodshedding credits the class style of bands like Neil Young and Bob Dylan as their influences, with appreciation for modern bands in the DIY scene like Pinegrove and Slaughter Beach, Dog.

In July, they put out their debut EP Tiger Lily, which was a collection of songs Bloome wrote after starting school at New Paltz. Its birth came about in the late hours of Bloome’s nights after work, when he’d try to record and his housemates would complain about the loud jamming. Eventually, he moved his entire setup to his car and finished tracking all the instruments there. Now, they are working on their second EP, Moon Lily. This production will include the entire band and is being recorded at Armless Man Records and Media by their good friend Jake Albi. Also, they will be celebrating its release at Cafeteria—where it all started— on May 10!

Tiger Lily largely deals with the depression and overstimulation that came with entering a four year school for the first time, since Bloome transferred from OCCC in Middletown. The EP focuses on meeting new people, learning about yourself and in the end finding your place in a community of friends. Moon Lily chronologically takes place after all of this, and it’s about learning who really cares about you. It emphasizes cutting off toxic people and energy, even if that means completely restarting and getting away from things for awhile. 

Woodshedding hopes people can relate and possibly learn from this story. The band likely will not continue after Bloome’s college career ends, so catch them while you can!

Woodshedding can be found on all streaming services! Also, find them on bandcamp:

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