The Midterm Results are in, John Faso is Out

The tooth-and-nail struggle for New York’s (NY) 19th Congressional District ended with a narrow victory by Democratic candidate Antonio Delgado, unseating incumbent Republican Representative John Faso. 

As of 8 p.m. last night Delgado won 50.2 percent of the votes, 132,001 in total, securing his victory with a slim margin of 2.9 percent. Faso, who was first elected in 2016, came close with 47.3 percent of the votes, 124,408 in total, but has to pass the torch to the congressional newcomer. Steven Greenfield (Green) and Diane Neal (Libertarian) squeaked by with less than two percent of the votes. 

Rosendale Town Councilperson and Democratic candidate Jen Metzger barely defeated Republican Candidate Ann Rabbitt by a difference of 2.7 percent. Metzger received 51.3 percent of the votes, 48,074 in total, while Rabbitt won 48.6 percent, 45,552 in total.  

Democratic candidate Letitia James became the first woman and person of color to become the NY Attorney General and the first woman of color to be elected to a statewide position. She dealt the Republicans another significant defeat with 61.9 percent of the votes, 3,453,446 in total, winning by a margin of 26.2 percent. Republican candidate Keith Wofford fell short with 35.7 percent of votes, 1,989,386 in total, while Michael Sussman (G), Christopher B. Garvey (L) and Nancy Sliwa (Reform Party) gained less than two percent of the vote. 

For the NY State governor’s position, incumbent Democrat Andrew Cuomo came away with a clean victory, accruing 59 percent of the votes, 3,352,588 in total, and sweeping his Republican opponent by 22.3 percent. Cuomo had held the position since 2011, with Kathy Hochul serving as Lt. Governor. Republican candidate Marcus Molinaro walked away with 36.7 percent of the votes, over 100,000 shy of his Democratic counterpart. Howie Hawkins (G), Larry Sharpe (L) and Stephanie Miner (Independent) each garnered less than two percent of the votes.

NY Democrats gained another overwhelming victory for the U.S. Senate seat, with Kirsten Gillibrand grabbing 66.4 percent of votes, 3,732,014 in total, crushing her Republican opponent by 32.9 percent. Republican candidate Chele Farley received a mere 33.5 percent of the vote, 1,882,251 in total. 

The race for NYS Comptroller was easily captured by Democratic candidate Thomas P. DiNapoli. DiNapoli raked in 66.5 percent of votes, 3,727,170 in total, while his Republican runner-up, Jonathan Trichter, recieved 31.7 percent of the votes, 1,775,895 in all. Additionally, Mark Dunlea (G) and Cruger Gallaudet (L) both gained less than two percent of the votes.

As for the seat on the NYS Assembly District 103, it was Kevin A. Cahill ran and won unopposed.

When the dust settled, the Democrats had reached their goal of gaining the majority in the House of Representatives: the Democrats control 220 seats while Republicans control 196.    

The Republicans remain in control of the Senate, with 51 Republicans and 45 Democrats. 

Max Freebern
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