The Only Time You’ll Wish ‘Friday’ Was Over

By now, we’ve all seen it. The energetic 13-year-old girl having to make a life altering decision. Which seat can she take? Will she kick it in the front seat or sit in the back? We may never know.

However, we do know that young Rebecca Black has taken the Internet by storm. The video was uploaded on Feb. 10, and as of March 17 has racked up a hefty 9,985,049 views (617 of those might be mine, but hey, who’s counting?).

Everything about this musical endeavor is questionable, from Black’s blatantly auto-tuned voice to the fact that she is barely old enough to attend a movie by herself, let alone “get down.” And let’s not forget the brace-faced “friend on her right” whose hand motions are too awkward to be adequately put into words (have you seen the accordion GIF?).

The strangest part of the video happens to be the mildly pedophillic looking rapper whose ears are adorned with two giant diamond studs, a perpetually hilarious male jewelry choice. The same rapper appears in multiple other Ark Music Factory videos and is equally as unsettling in all of them.

Perhaps there is one thing we can learn from this melodious catastrophe — that being the days of the week. In case anyone was unaware and needed a seizure-inducing graphics display to help them out, Friday comes before Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards. I can literally feel my knowledge expanding already.

Black is the subject of various edited images that have gone viral on websites like Tumblr.

These jokes were inevitable, as “Friday” honestly looks like a parody upon first view. Then you realize there’s another video just like it, and another one…and another one. Mostly with girls who look like they just took their first step through the big, bad doors of high school, and others who look like they have probably just come out of mourning the loss of Limited Too.

At any rate, “Friday” probably (definitely) won’t still be funny by next week, so I had to strike while the iron was hot, or while the song was a laughable disgrace to music everywhere, so to speak. I do, however,  guarantee that “Friday” will be blasting out of speakers (and in turn breaking them) this coming Friday, while everyone is out having “fun fun fun fun.”