The Oracle’s New York Comic Con Coverage

Courtesy of Max Reide.

Several editors attended New York Comic Con this past weekend. Here are the highlights, photos and fan favorites:

 Cat Tacopina

So this was my first New York Comic Con ever, and I’m not going to lie when I say I was pretty overwhelmed by the whole thing; good and bad. It’s crowded, kind of (really) smells in some areas and everything is extremely expensive.

That being said, there were some incredible gems this year. I mentioned earlier in the semester how much I love the “Avatar: The Last Airbender” franchise, so I was more than stoked to attend the panel for the show. The creators previewed this upcoming episode for “Legend of Korra,” part one of “Beginnings,” a two part exploration of the first Avatar, Avatar Wan.

It didn’t disappoint.

Not only was the storyline interesting, but the animation was absolutely beautiful; easily the best work of the series. I didn’t get to see the second part of the episode since I didn’t cosplay, but the first part alone was stellar. It’s easily one of the top five best episodes of the entire “Avatar” franchise.


Katherine Speller

It was my third year covering New York Comic Con for The Oracle, so at this point I’m hard to startle. I don’t bat an eye at cosplayers on my train or subway and I’m no stranger to stall-side banter with caped crusaders or villains.

However, this year’s comic con gave me a glimpse at a particularly unsavory part of the experience. I was walking through one of the throngs of people when I noticed a super heroine cosplayer posing for a photo. I stopped to avoid getting into the frame, as you learn to do while on the floor, when another costumed character came up and slapped the girl on the butt.

“Remember me?” He asked her.

She looked flustered, the confident air she’d embodied before peeling away.

“I don’t even know you!”

Now, this Mad Men-era brand of sexism is tiring in any environment.

But, to see it at a place that’s meant to celebrate geekery and self-expression and to see it so easily suck the fun out of the situation, it was the worst.

I think cosplayers, particularly the ladies who set out to perform and showcase their art despite sexist obstacles, deserve to be lauded. They certainly deserve more respect than what that particular mouth-breather offered.

Jennifer Newman

People flocked into the Javits Center to a seemingly never-ending line of booths. There was merchandise from everything from “Doctor Who,” K-Pop, “Yugioh,” and “Star Wars” to the most obscure comics and artists.

As a huge fan of the television series “Supernatural,” I was as shocked as any to find a line of “Supernatural” bath salts and nail polish. Then again, I was shocked at how large the gaming/fanbase/nerd/awesome community was. Not only did New York Comic Con sell out, but it had some amazing celebrities in the science fiction world.

I met Felicia Day of “Supernatural” as well as John Barrowman of “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood.” There were science fiction celebrities for everyone; from “Power Rangers” to “Once Upon a Time.” Even comic legend Stan Lee held a panel. It was the most exciting fanbase experience of my life.

Suzy Berkowitz
A Comic Con newbie, I was super overwhelmed by the whole thing. The big, smelly room with all the dressed up people was what I only imagine the seventh circle of hell will be like.

I only attended one panel, “Inkfusion: Where the World of Tattooing and Pop Culture Collide,” and it was both hilarious and informative. I didn’t realize how much really goes into being a tattoo artist, but the panelists informed us of all that accompanies the job.

I got some insane photos and a silicone company did a bloody demo on my arm, which I freaked everyone out with.

All in all, Comic Con was a crazy cool, super nerdy experience.

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