The Things I Strongly Dislike About You

I’m not a cynic, I don’t think. When I meet someone for the first time, even if I’m getting the worst of vibes and see immediate red flags, I always try to find something good. But after almost 20 years of life, I’ve realized that you don’t have to love or hate everything about a person. People are complex and really interesting and allowing yourself to get annoyed by some of the things they do is completely natural and normal. 

I don’t like using the word hate, so this column is going to be about traits and people that I strongly dislike. If you have any of these traits, it doesn’t mean I strongly dislike you—it just means that I strongly dislike this one small aspect of your greater being. Don’t take it to heart. 

To start, I will say that I genuinely do hate people who hurt others, physically or mentally, in any way. The universe is crazy and special, so these people, who live to hurt, have no place in it. I also really strongly dislike those who sympathize with these people. XXXTentacion admitted to harassing, raping and beating his girlfriend, as well as an innocent gay man, almost to death, for fun. His music also wasn’t that good. I don’t wish death upon anybody, but I don’t miss him. 

Moving on, I strongly dislike people who do everything for attention. I love attention. In fact, attention and praise kind of fuels me in my everyday life. But you shouldn’t live for attention. Attention should be like McDonald’s when you were a kid. It’s a really nice treat, served best when your mom unexpectedly pulls into the drive-thru, but living off of it would be a horrible idea. Some people I’ve come across literally calculate each and every move to gain themselves praise and positive attention and that, to me, is not a healthy way to live life. 

I strongly dislike people who have an opinion on everything. Although it’s hard to admit, I do not know everything. It’s impossible to know everything! Having a stance on things that you’re passionate about is amazing. Having a stance on things you have some knowledge about is great! But, you don’t need to have an opinion on everything. If the topic of conversation is something you either do not know anything about, or simply do not really care about, there is no reason to inject your opinion. Just keep it to yourself!

I strongly dislike people who don’t vote. I get it, you’re in college, so you’re smart now and you aren’t happy with the capitalist society that America is operating under, so to fight the power you don’t vote. People are literally suffering. In the past week alone, the Trump administration has considered eliminating the definition of transgender, as well as targeting birthright citizenship. I get that you aren’t a Republican or a Democrat, because you hate political parties, I get that you think everyone in government is corrupt and evil… I get it. But, please, for 10 minutes on Nov. 6, just get over yourself and vote. 

I strongly dislike people who act like drugs are the only cure to the stresses of college, and life in general. So when you have a five-page paper due tomorrow and it’s midnight, I understand that popping an Adderall is probably gonna be your go-to. But have you ever heard of peppermint oils? Diffuse that shit, and you’ll be awake and alert all night. If drugs are your thing, more power to you! But don’t act like it’s your only option. There are plenty of five minute meditations on YouTube that will have the same effect. 

Finally, and this may be my biggest pet peeve of them all, I strongly dislike people who give off negative energy. Literally everything in existence is made out of energy—like everything. It is the one thing that can’t be created or destroyed (that is straight up scientific; ask Albert Einstein or whatever). Basically, energy is the single most powerful thing that exists, because it is EVERYTHING! So, if someone is constantly negative, or constantly bad to you and bringing you or anyone else down… that literally has the power to ruin you! If I walk into a room and someone is giving off negative energy I take it on, and it kind of physically exhausts me. I’m not talking about people who are feeling sad, or having a bad day, because that’s natural and happens to everyone. I’m talking about people who wake up and decide that today they are going to be miserable, and since that isn’t enough, decide to project it onto everyone they encounter. Don’t do that!

I could probably go on for a while more, but I won’t. Once again, if you think you have any of these traits, don’t be offended. Just miss me with them, and we’ll be fine.

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Jake Mauriello is a fourth-year journalism and public relations major, with a minor in film and video studies. This is his seventh semester with The Oracle. Previously, he has worked as an Arts and Entertainment Copy Editor, Features Editor and Managing Editor. He dedicates each of his stories to his personal heroes, Taylor Swift and Alexis Rose.