Never Pay the Full Price: The World of Student Discounts

Growing older and being in college makes you rethink the term “broke college student” more often than you’d like to admit. It’s not easy to balance schoolwork and a job to pay for the schooling, or even having loans looming over your head. Even amidst this cloud of not wanting to spend money, the consumer inside of everyone can become overwhelming- everyone wants to be treated once in a while, but it doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank.

There are so many discounts for students available at our fingertips, but most people don’t take advantage of them. The website Unidays has members create a free account with a college email and they’re given discounts to a myriad of stores. Familiar favorites include Aerie, Pacsun, Amazon and even Apple! There are so many different discounts featured and it’s so accessible to students. Another website available called StudentBeans has similar discounts, but to a different array of stores. Both are great options for an online shopping addiction on a budget.

Some websites don’t have their discounts through websites like Unidays and StudentBeans, so they have their student discount available through their own checkout. By simply Google searching a storefront name and their student discount you’re able to save so much money with little to no effort. A plethora of stores have this feature, including major companies like Target, Converse, Ugg, Levi’s and more. Next time you’re browsing for something new, try checking for a student discount available.

The major cost for college students is paying for food. Eating at a restaurant can add up very quickly, and the cost of groceries isn’t as cheap as you thought it’d be. Food delivery apps feature some deals for students, including a discount on Doordash delivery monthly subscription. Some restaurants in New Paltz offer student discounts upon showing your school ID and others have specific menu items catered towards a student’s budget. 

The campus GrubHub app features occasional discounts to local restaurants in the area, including Pasquale’s Pizzeria and Rocco’s Pizzeria. There’s a few known spots for their affordability everyday of the week as well. B-Side Grill has quite the menu for their prices, and each meal is relatively inexpensive for what they’re providing. Another great local spot is Main Street Bistro. They feature a $2 breakfast special, including eggs, home fries and toast. After a night out, the breakfast special is always a winner.

Treating yourself to new shoes or a delicious meal doesn’t have to break the bank; there are so many deals available to students. It’s best to take advantage of these deals while still enrolled in school — or try to continue using your college email after you’ve graduated.

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