Thesis Talk

As the Art Department’s BFA/MFA Thesis Shows get ready to open in The Dorsky, we take an inside look at different strokes from different folks. 

Running April 25 through April 29


Exhibiting Artists:



Savannah Blum

Sam DeMonte



Megan Gray


Painting and Drawing

Alyssa Cartwright

Kelly Kay

Laura Lanchantin

Danielle Sternberg

Jared Winslow



Taylor DiStasi

Joshua Goodrich

Kelly Novak



Nicole Marandola


Spotlight On Laura Lanchintan

“Back To The Garden”



Fourth-year BFA painting

Medium: oil paintings 



My work is mainly about nature and the physical connection between land and body. I based the abstract imagery of these paintings off of my family’s farmland that I grew up on and feel connected to.


My main source of inspiration is my process. I collect stones from places of personal importance, grind them into earth pigment and make paint out of the actual land that I am trying to portray. My process evokes an artistic collaboration with nature that is very inspiring to me.


I would like viewers to have a familiar physical reaction to these abstract images. I want them to be almost gut wrenching but also comforting.