Thesis Talk

As the Art Department’s BFA/MFA Thesis Shows get ready to open in The Dorsky, we take an inside look at different strokes from different folks. 

Running May 2 through May 6

Opening Reception: Friday. May 2

Exhibiting Artists:


Cheyenne Cole

Paige Munroe


Nicole Bel-Summer


Carrie Hack

Eun Ju Kim

Kate Reath


Kristen Dandignac

Erin Tornatore

Painting and


Terence Corrigan

Helen Houghton

Sarah Lambert

Ryan Michiels

Alaina Nicolosi

Cory Spraker



Thesis Show: Uninvited Guest

Fourth-year BFA photography

Medium: digital photographs and a 

hardcover photography book

My thesis is based on the observation of the growth and development of mold as a metaphor for the stages of cancer and tumor growth in the human body.

I wanted to create my thesis as an outlet for the emotional roller coaster I experience while going through surgery and therapy to have a tumor removed from my thyroid.  

I want my viewers to have a better understanding of the beauty behind the unusual forms and textures of these often overlooked organisms. The scars we experienced while fighting cancer are beautiful in their own way and are representations of the battles and struggles we encountered in our fight to survive.