Top 10 of Life’s Simplest Pleasures

For this Top 10, copy editor Emily O'Neil takes a look at 10 things that can brighten up her day. Photo courtesy of Google Images.

November is a very nostalgic month for me because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I like to spend the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving being very reflective and thankful for all the blessings in my life. It makes me feel very happy and peaceful to reflect like this, so for my Top 10 this week I wanted to write about the simple pleasures that make me the happiest. I feel it is important for everyone to think about their simple pleasures over the break and find something that makes you feel at peace as we draw an end to one of the craziest years we’ve ever experienced. 

10. The Pitter-Patter Of Rain

Although clear blue skies are my ideal weather, I find a way to enjoy the day even when it’s gloomy. When it rains I like to put my head against a window and listen. Or if I’m home, I like to sit in my garage and watch it hit the pavement. It doesn’t get more zen than listening to rain and breathing.

9. Enjoying A Home Cooked Meal

I hope that all you readers have a home cooked meal to look forward to on the 26th, but I’m not just talking about Thanksgiving. I lived on campus this semester and anytime I went home for the weekend I felt my chest swell up with joy when I got to eat dinner with my family. It’s something we take for granted when we do it everyday, and something you don’t realize you’ll miss. Cherish those meals and quality time. 

8. Stepping On A Pine Cone

I just love this. I love the sound of the crunch under my boot. I love the feeling I get just before I put my foot down. It gives me a reason to say goodbye to summer and embrace fall.

7.  Putting On Sweatpants After A Long Day

Wearing comfortable clothes after you worked hard is the most satisfying. Isn’t it amazing that we can accomplish something during our day, and reward ourselves with comfort at night? It is a moment of pride that you did all you had to do today and can unwind for the rest of your night.

6. Sunday

To some, Sunday only represents the day before Monday. To me, Sunday is one of the best days of the week. Have you ever woken early on Sunday morning and realized how quiet and peaceful it is? Like the entire world is sleeping. All the stressors from the week before don’t even matter.

5. Flowers

They can brighten a room and a mood. Flowers are just such a wonderful thing to treat yourself with. Anytime I walk downstairs in my kitchen and see a full vase with beautiful flowers my heart smiles.

4. Clean Sheets

Having a clutter free, clean bedroom is great, but having freshly washed sheets are even better. The smell of the freshness puts my mind at ease.

3. Turning Your Alarms Off

Something I miss the most about having early morning classes is the feeling I would get when I could turn my alarm off the night before if I knew I didn’t have to get up. Sleeping in at a time you normally wouldn’t is one of the best simple pleasures life can offer.

2. A Good Laugh

This can go without saying, but really understand why this deserves such a high spot. I’m not talking about a giggle after hearing the punchline of a joke or a meme that you think is funny. I am talking about the unexpected, belly hurting, bent over type of laugh. The one that, when accompanied by loved ones, makes you FEEL alive and not just someone going through the motions of life.

1. Snuggling Up To Someone As You Watch A Movie
My love language is quality time, so to me the best simple pleasure life offers is watching a movie cozied up to someone special — especially a comfort movie that you’ve seen before, or a new experience you’re sharing together. It is a perfect time of the year to feel the bliss of watching a movie with someone who cares.

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