Top 10 Stories Of Spring 2012

Welcome back old and new SUNY New Paltz students! With the Fall 2012 semester stepping up into high gear, why not take a moment to check out The New Paltz Oracle’s most popular stories from last semester.

1.) “Rapper Wale Chosen For Spring Concert

Hip-hop artist Wale was chosen as the headlining act for last semester’s spring concert after being chosen from a survey sent out to students last semester.

Laneesha Bacchus, Student Association (SA) vice president of programming, said the headliner of the concert was chosen based on votes gathered from the student body in Fall 2011. However, flaws in the survey hindered the selection process for the SA Productions (SAP) Board, Bacchus said.  The results of the survey showed that pop-punk band Taking Back Sunday came in first in the voting, garnering a total of 1,182 votes. Other artists such as Matt And Kim and Regina Spektor, who placed higher than Wale, finished with 1,045 and 1,077 total votes, respectively. Wale finished the voting with a total of 710 votes.

2.) “Sword Wielding Student Subdued

An 18-year-old SUNY New Paltz student faced kidnapping and assault charges after holding students hostage in Deyo Hall with a sword, police said. Issac Doughty, a first-year student, held several students in a suite-style residence hall by brandishing a katana-style sword before authorities were able to apprehend him, police said.

3.) “New Paltz Goes Viral

Oh, you haven’t heard of New Paltz Memes? You must be new. First-year student Roy Cohen said the memes featured on the his Facebook page brought students in the campus community together through its digs at the inedibility of the food in Hasbrouck Dining Hall, the water quality of the Gunk and other staples of the campus.

4.) “Deep In The Bowels Of Bouton

Residents in Bouton Hall said finding piles of human waste in their showers is not uncommon, but last semester was the first time they have seen feces make its way into the hallway. Director of Residence Life Corinna Caracci said she doesn’t think students’ desire to defecate throughout the residence hall is getting worse, only that students are finding different places.

5.) “New Paltz And The Chocolate Factory” 

Krause’s Chocolates, located at 2 Church St. in New Paltz, had its grand opening on Sunday, March 11. The family business first appeared in Saugerties 40 years ago, and the third-generation sweet shop still remains at its base location on Partition Street, but a second location has been a dream for some time. Bethany Gillepsie, manager of the Saugerties store, has been with Krause’s Chocolates for 11 years. She said that the idea of expanding the business to New Paltz has been a possibility for a few years.

6.) “SUNY New Paltz Rises In The Rankings

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine ranked SUNY New Paltz among the top 100 best values in the nation for public four-year institutions delivering high quality education at an affordable price. New Paltz ranked 55 out of 672 public educational institutions, placing it in the top 92nd percentile.

7.) “An Alternative Route

 Route 32 isn’t just for vehicles anymore. While the road connects New Paltz to Kingston and Albany, two 21-year-olds have altered its path to pave something new: a booking agency, music collective, festival and a growing family.

8.) “Students Raise Concerns About Sodexo

A representative of Sodexo Inc., SUNY New Paltz’s current food-service provider, confronted students gathered in the Student Union (SU) on Monday, April 9. Outside of SU 62/63, where Sodexo’s focus group meetings were held, Students With a Common Interest (SCI) said they gathered to express their distaste for Sodexo Inc. when Bob Griffin, a representative of Sodexo Inc., tore up their signs after being told to leave them alone, they said.

9.) “EDITORIAL: Taking Back Promises?” 

Recent comments from Student Association (SA) Vice President of Programming Laneesha Bacchus indicate the survey sent out last semester yielded a large amount of results, but the accuracy of those results was brought into question…While Wale was announced as this year’s main act, other artists came out on top, according to the survey. We hope SAP was diligent in exploring every available option to stick to their promise of delivering what students want.

10.) “Teaming Up With Love” 

For almost a year, Team Love RavenHouse Gallery has found a home in a small shop at 11 Church St.,where locals can visit an art gallery, record store and performance venue all in one place. Team Love, the New York City independently released record label, was founded by Bright Eyes frontman Oberst and Bright Eyes Manager Nate Krenkel. Basing the label for about six years out of an apartment in the East Village, Krenkel and his wife, Cornelia “Nelly” Calder, decided to move out of the city with their kids.