Top 10 Dining Hall Dishes Worth the Free Swipe

Peregrine Dining Hall. Some hate it, some love it and some have never felt the struggles of carrying a plastic green container back and forth with questionable cuisine held inside.

As the new school year begun and COVID regulations have lessened, my friends and I have had the opportunity of experiencing the dining hall in a different way. Suddenly, we were overwhelmed with options, compared to when we were living off of basmati rice for an entire year. 

Upon our discovery of the variations of options, we soon discovered the array of desserts available daily. Being our prestigious food critic selves, we began to accumulate a list of our favorite desserts that the dining hall serves. (The infamous list lives on the whiteboard hanging on my closet.)

So, without further ado, here is my list of the Top Ten best dining hall desserts.

1) Apple Cinnamon Muffin 

Last week, during an apple tasting event the dining hall served apple cinnamon muffins made from locally grown apples. These muffins were legendary. They had the perfect amount of cinnamon and you could really taste the difference between a locally grown apple as opposed to one from a chain grocery store.

2) Fudge Brownie

Peregrine’s brownies did not disappoint. They had a fudge-like texture but could still be eaten with a fork. I’m a huge chocolate fan, so these were definitely a home-run. My friends and I enjoyed some with a scoop of ice cream we got from The Roost.

3) Apple Pie

Apple pie is a classic dessert that is always delicious. The apple pie from the dining hall is often served alone, however I prefer to pair it with vanilla ice cream. This is the perfect fall treat to enjoy with a glass of apple cider.                                                                

4) Chocolate Chip Cookies

My friend Jake is very loyal to the chocolate chip cookies. Sometimes, they are made vegan, which provides more options to students with dietary restrictions. The chocolate chip cookies never fail, and are always a great option when available.

5) Banana Bread

Banana bread is a dessert that requires special care to be executed correctly. The ripeness of the bananas is a crucial step in forming the perfect bread. The one provided at Peregrine is very hit or miss, but most of the time my friends and I can’t get enough. Especially if they add chocolate chips to it.

6) Butterfinger Cinnamon Toast Bar

This dessert was legendary. My roommate had gone to the dining hall while I was taking a nap and returned home with one of the best bars I have ever tasted at the dining hall. Upon first bite, you think that it’s just a rice crispy treat with cinnamon toast crunch, but they added peanut butter and caramel to mimic a butterfinger to the bar which created an even richer flavor. I highly recommend this dessert, and we are sitting with our fingers crossed that it reappears at the dining hall. 

7) Cherry Cheesecake Bars

I’m not usually a fan of cherry flavored things, but the cherry cheesecake bars were one for the books. These were packed with flavor, and had such a distinct taste. I would normally opt out of anything cherry or cheesecake, but these were something else.

8) Pound Cake

Pound cake. A universal favorite. And one of my all time favorite desserts from the dining hall. They had a variety of different kinds of pound cakes to choose from and it was fun to try all of them. This dessert is best enjoyed with a warm cup of black tea on a rainy day. 

9) White Cake with Fudge Icing

This. Was. The. Best. Dessert. The cake was perfectly white and fluffy, while the frosting was decadent chocolate. Very similar flavor to a home cooked Betty Crocker cake. If you’re ever feeling homesick, this cake is the best solution.

10) Raspberry Bars

Towards the end of the spring 2020 semester, my friends and I discovered the raspberry bars from the dining hall. These magical treats were the foundation of our dining hall dessert obsession. They were baked perfectly, with a crumble coating surrounding a gooey raspberry filling. If anyone from the dining hall staff is currently reading this —PLEASE BRING BACK THE RASPBERRY BARS. 

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