Top Ten Hangover Cure Breakfasts in New Paltz

Let’s face it, we’ve all had a crazy Friday or Saturday night in New Paltz. Maybe even a weekday night if you’re feeling risky. But as students we can’t just lay in bed all day trying to regain ourselves, we have to get work done! Here are the top ten hangover cures in New Paltz that can turn any miserable morning into a much better day. 

10. Main Course 

Feeling full from pizza and beer on a Saturday morning? Head over to Main Course to get your body back on track with a nice healthy meal. Main Course offers fresh sandwiches and salads that can make any customer feel good about themselves after eating. Although I prefer some grease, this is the perfect place to start that diet you said you would start last Monday. 

9. B-Side Grill 

B-Side is one of the only places that delivers in New Paltz, which is a huge upside if you just really can’t leave the house after a night out. A fat juicy burger and milkshake delivered right to your door could do the trick to turn things around. Unfortunately, not a big fan of the fries, and a lot of items just aren’t that good for delivery. 

8. Pasquale’s 

I’ve once ordered four gatorades and stromboli for delivery at this place to get myself back together, so they had to make the list. Squale’s might have the best pizza in town, and with delivery it could be a great option to cure that nasty hangover. 

7. McDonalds 

There’s nothing like a trip to McDonalds with the boys after a crazy night out. You always end up ordering way more than you can eat, but that’s okay. It may not make you feel like a million dollars but you’ll probably be happy while you’re eating it. 

6. P&Gs 

Pigs is the perfect lunch spot in New Paltz to grab a hungover bite after you slept too late. My go-to is the P&Gs french dip, which never disappoints. If you’re feeling out of control, you can even continue the drinking binge at this fine establishment for a savage Sunday you won’t remember. 

5. Convenient Deli

I always used to frown upon this place, but after a friend told me to just order four times bacon and four times egg for such a low price, this is one of my new spots. Convenient features a non-greasy breakfast sandwich, but can also make deli sandwiches as well. They’re great for picking up some snacks too! 

4. Bistro 

Don’t get me wrong Bistro is in my top-three for favorite places to eat in New Paltz, but it may not be the best place to enjoy a hungover meal. It’s always very crowded on the weekends and the loudness could make that pounding headache just that much more unbearable. A breakfast special with bacon and a chocolate pancake might turn your day around though. 

3. Cake Artist Cafe 

Formerly known as Tommy C’s, the Cake Artist Cafe made a smart decision to keep the infamous breakfast grilled cheese on the menu. It is the perfect greasy sandwich for any hangover, if your stomach can handle it that is. 

2. Mountain Harbor Deli 

The Mountain Harbor Deli might be located in Gardiner, but on an early fall or spring morning this is the perfect place to rejuvenate yourself. Take the easy drive up the mountain with the windows down to get to this enchanted deli, filled with items on the menu like “The heart attack,” a foot long egg and cheese sandwich with all the meats and a special spicy bbq sauce. It’s to die for. 

1. Russo’s 

My favorite place to eat in New Paltz hands down. The Magione, a bacon egg and cheese with home fries and chicken cutlet on their homemade focaccia bread, is fantastic. If you’re feeling lunch, a louie-louie is a good option too. Get the grilled chicken breast topped with Swiss, bacon, onion spinach and olive oil, simple yet delicious.