Top Ten Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Ever have that favorite sweater that you always wear? Two of my favorite sweaters are following a constant state of actions repeated every few days. They move from the laundry bin to the washing machine and then into the dryer. Before they get the chance to actually hang in the closet, they’ve already being worn. If it’s not a sweater, it can be another dearly loved piece of clothing. Check out some of my top 10 favorite articles of clothing. 

10. Comfy lounge pants

After a long day of classes and running around campus, one of the best feelings in the world is taking off your tight jeans and changing into soft pj pants. I instantly feel like cuddling up underneath a blanket. There are a lot of options too: flannel, fleece or stretchy. Personally, roomy fleece pajama pants are my go to.

9. Casual dress

You have the option to dress up or dress down a dress, especially with other accessories. Throwing on a button up or shirt over a dress can make the dress look like a skirt and make it less fancy, if you are going for a more everyday look while still having that “cuteness factor.” The power of a dress can look fancy, too, from day to night. If you don’t want to wear pants, then boom… a dress can make you feel free.

8. Lightweight jacket

Jackets are just cool. They can go with any basic outfit to spice it up. Lightweight jackets can act like a heavier jacket if you wear a sweater or sweatshirt under it. A lightweight jacket is a safe bet when the nighttime cold seeps in. Pockets are always a plus; rather than holding all your small personal items like lipstick, a few coins and a receipt. 

7. Mom jeans

One of the best thing in life is finding a pair of jeans that fit your body. Feeling comfortable and feeling good about how you look are important when trying to go on the exploration of purchasing a pair of jeans. A belt can make all the difference and I enjoy how it looks with a pair of high waisted jeans. Cuffing the ends of a light wash or dark jean can look pretty cute.

6. Fuzzy socks

Fuzzy socks always remind me of the snowy holiday season. As a kid, I would always get fuzzy socks in my stocking for Christmas. Thanks Mom and Dad for making my cold feet cozy. Even as a junior in college, receiving socks is one of the best gifts. The thick wool socks could make your feet too warm, but the fuzzy ones can allow your feet to breathe while serving their purpose of keeping you toasty.

5. Soft bralette/New underwear

Buying new and soft underwear can make the world spin! But seriously once you pull those articles of clothing on, you can almost feel brand new. I have a deep appreciation for a nice soft bralette. The underwire bras can be annoying at times, but bralettes are soft as well as stylish. A peeking bralette strap or halter can look refreshing under a basic t-shirt. 

4. Adidas Stan Smiths 

I’m walking on air. That is what I feel when I slip into my (now beat up) Stan Smiths. They started off pristine, but over time they transformed into my everyday shoes. A white shoe can be tricky because it can get dirty, so having another pair of everyday shoes could make the Smiths last a bit longer. A huge plus to owning a pair is the convenience and stepping into them when you are in a hurry. Even in the morning when I don’t know what will match with my outfit, the Stan Smiths are always a top choice, unless it’s the Docs that day. 

3. Denim jacket

One time I purchased a medium wash denim jacket that zipped up and had a beautiful painting of a vintage girl on the inside lining. This jacket cost me $8!! And guess where it was from? A thrift store. I customized my jacket with different pins and patches. A lot of personalization can go on with anything denim because it is incredibly easy to iron on patches. A denim jacket is universal in a wardrobe and can go over a blouse, t-shirt or dress. 

2. Combat boots (Doc Martens)

Those good ol’ Doc Martens last a LONG time. I’ve had a grey pair for four years and they are still are kicking it. These dearly beloved boots are comfortable and look like new. It may be stiff for a while before you break the boots in, but once you do, oh boy do they mold to your feet. I’ve recently bought another pair of cherry-red, faux leather boots and they go with almost every outfit. Combat boots can be a friend to you when the pouring rain comes down. An A+ and a must for me.

1. Soft sweaters

When I’m wrapped up in a sweater, I feel loved. It is more than a warm ball of fluff. A soft sweater from the fall season into winter and beginning of spring is a blessing. Sweaters with jeans or leggings can look cute any way. As I mentioned earlier, I have two favorite sweaters. Not a striped sweater like the classic Spongebob song, but a bare pink color and a bright yellow green cropped sweater. A random thing I noticed I was doing with longer sweaters was “tucking” them into the side of my jeans. Or wearing a longer sweater with a fitted pant looks professional, all while remaining warm and content.