Top 10 Things That Are On My Summer 2022 Bucket List

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Summer is quickly approaching, and this is the time of year that I’ll often find myself setting unrealistic expectations for how the days are going to play out, but am left disappointed and unfulfilled when September rolls around. I’ll make lavish bucket-lists with hundreds of things I wish to accomplish, but never do. This year, things are going to be different. I’m holding myself accountable and doing my best to ensure I have the most fulfilling summer ever.

In usual fashion, I’ve begun drafting my summer bucket list, and there are more things I could’ve included in this list if I wasn’t restricted to a word count: swimming in a pool, going in a hot tub and going to the aquarium, but I’ve dwindled it down to just ten. Here I present: Top Ten things I’m looking forward to doing this summer. I’m counting down the days until classes are over and the biggest decision I have to make is which bathing suit I’m wearing that day.

10) The Fashion

There’s something exciting about clothing pieces and fashion in the summer. From new trends to bright colors, there’s so much room to be creative and express yourself. I love spending hours on Pinterest planning out my outfit mood board for summer. My closet just looks happier and I enjoy getting ready so much more. The vibes of showering after a long day at the beach and getting ready for dinner are impeccable. 

9) Reading Books

I love to read, but I don’t have as much free time (or mental capacity) to spend time reading during the school year. In the last few years, my summer commute to work was the Fire Island Ferries, which gave me 30 minutes each ride to get engulfed in a novel. Each summer I begin with a massive list of books in my “to be read” list on Goodreads, and I’ll pick up where I left off the following year. I’m hoping to spend plenty of time reading this summer, and making a dent in my list of books. Whether I’m tanning in my backyard or have some free time before an event, I’m going to burn through my reading list this year.

8) Bike Rides

A staple activity when you think of the summer is riding bikes. Although many will dedicate time to go on a bike ride, my cruiser is my main form of transportation during the hot summer nights. When my plans happen to be relatively close to my house, it’s usually easier to opt for my bike than getting a ride from a friend. Plus, you can leave at your leisure, having your own way to get home.

7) Food

I’m a big foodie and the food offered on campus is not something I’ll be missing this summer (except for the chicken salad in the dining hall). June to August is the time when everything’s fresh and colorful and in bloom. Some nights, our neighbors will invite us over to enjoy freshly caught fish. They’ll fry it or make sushi, it’s really something out of a movie. I love indulging in ice cream, against my stomach’s better wishes, and I love going out to eat with the friends I haven’t seen since being at school. Food is a major part of the summer, and I’m so looking forward to using my kitchen at home to create some delicious meals.

6) Music

Setting the scene in the summer requires a perfect playlist. I dedicate hours of my day to formulating playlists and searching for new songs on Spotify. I’ll get lost in what I’m doing and come out with over 100 new songs to try out. Music is one of my favorite things, and this is an outlet the free time of the summer allows me to have more of, which is wonderful. I also have more time to play around with the various instruments I’m in possession of, which I don’t have with me during the school year. It’s nice to just chill in my room and listen to music.

5) Hiking

I’ve been doing a lot of hiking recently, but the one thing I can’t stand is how cold it is on the trails. Hand warmers and thick socks definitely help, but they’re not as nice as the warm glow of summer. I want to find some cool new trails this summer and go on sunrise hikes with my friends. I’ll be complaining about the heat in a few months, but at least I’ll be able to feel my fingers.

4) Traveling to Florida

Usually, my family flees to Florida in the summer, and we’ll sometimes end up at Walt Disney World. Although the heat is unbearable, the pool is available and there’s nothing like getting a tan from the intense Florida sunshine. Disney’s also very crazy in the summer, but going to the parks early in the day and late at night allows you to relax by the pool when the sun’s at its hottest; it’s a win.

3) The Beach

I absolutely adore the beach. There’s no place I’d rather be than laying on a towel with the sun in my eyes, while debating if it’s time to take another dip in the crisp ocean. I love the sound of the waves and spending time at a place where my phone doesn’t get service. I’m so stoked to get back to the beach this summer and work on my tan.

2) Working

Some of my best summer memories have happened during my summer job. The last few years I had worked at a boutique on Fire Island, talking to locals and folding hoodies while chugging a Celsuis every few hours. This summer, I’m focusing more on something I’m passionate about and working for the Fire Island News. Working in the summer makes it feel less like work, especially when you spend time with your friends at the beach immediately after.

1) Surfing

I’ve been telling myself that I’m going to learn how to surf for the last few summers, but this is the year I’m sticking to it. I texted my brother, who surfs almost every week, and asked him to teach me how. I’m taking his silence as a yes. Catch me on the waves this summer. 

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