Top 10 Signs I Get Along With as a Sagittarius

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Astrology is definitely my most controversial hobby. Some people base their everyday lives on it, and others will never hesitate to berate it to the ground every time it’s brought up. I’m not one of those astrologers who makes every important life-changing decision based on the zodiac, but I’d be lying if I said that I did not see any patterns within star signs and planets. I have friends of all 12 signs, but there are different traits of each that bring out the best and worst in me for sure.

Today, in true fire-sign-Sagittarius fashion, I will be passionately ranting about which signs I get along with the most. NOTE: These ratings are all in good and joking fun. Do not take this personally or seriously. 

10) Capricorn

I’d like to start off by apologizing to my multiple Capricorn friends. It’s nothing against you — it’s just that the only people my easy going Sagittarian personality has had problems with are the realistic, practical and sometimes uptight cardinal earth signs. The worst Capricorns I’ve run into believe, “My way is the right way, and I won’t hear any other opinions.” I had a crush on a Capricorn years ago; he was dry, cynical and acted like he knew everything. Not to mention he never made plans and loved to ghost. I love you Capricorns, and I’m sorry these bad Cap-ples have given you a considerably bad rep in my book. 

9) Taurus

This is going to cause some waves because I have a lot of good Taurus friends whom I love dearly, including our editor-in-chief, so I’m running this with a risk. The negative traits associated with these fixed earth signs can have go against the traits that Sagittarians are known for. Their biggest stereotype is that they can be unbelievably stubborn. I’m the type of person who needs to go with the flow and not stress about things going perfectly or according to my plan, which is something that many Tauruses struggle with. I think all of my Taurus friends are amazing and I do love their home-style vibes and luxurious tastes, but their negative side definitely stresses me out the most out of the zodiac. Don’t hold a grudge, guys. 

8) Pisces

I only have a few Pisces friends. I don’t know too much about the Pisces-Sag axis, but I am intimidated by them. I know they’re supposed to be sensitive and soft-spoken, but the few that I know really know how to stand their ground and get their way. They are very in touch with their emotions, which also means that they can sometimes let their negative ones take the wheel. Pisces lash-outs are nothing to joke about. They do not care about others taking offense. They are definitely creative geniuses, but I never want to mess with their power. 

7) Scorpio

Speaking of being scared, I am also most definitely freaked out by the private, quiet and cunning Scorpios. It might be the fact that as an extroverted and fun-loving Sagittarius, I don’t know how to keep my mouth shut, so I envy their skill to fly under the radar. To me, it’s like, “how do those people do that?” I also had an unsuccessful crush on a Scorpio some years back: He never spoke to me, or to anyone, I believe, so that quickly faded. I enjoy the Scorpios in my life a whole lot, but I always know that I have to keep in mind that when they speak, there’s more going on than meets the ears. 

6) Aquarius

This is the point of the Top Ten where things become more positive than negative. There aren’t a lot of traits that Sagittarians don’t get along with! The Sag-Aqua axis is always fascinating to me, ever since I read in a book that we are both considered the “old souls” of the astrology wheel. That makes perfect sense to me, since all of the amazing Aquarians I know have such a special and distinct sense of style and self. They all do art in some way; Musicians, visual artists, jewelry makers and people who admire the art of life are those who embody Aquarius energy. There are some that have unfortunately tarnished the sign, but overall, every Aqua I meet, I instantly have an otherworldly connection with. 

5) Leo

When I think of Leo, I think of my mother. A fire sign woman raising a fire sign daughter, I’ve always felt that we think the same way about everything, albeit she is a little more feisty and brave than me at times. Being of the same element, Sags and Leos are bound to get along. All of the Leos I know are amazing. They all have traits that remind me of lions, whether it’s their hair, their eyes or just their amazing demeanor and personality. They inspire me to be more out there, more pushy with the things I want and of course, to be more confident. I definitely don’t know nearly enough Leos, but the ones I know love me and I love them.

4) Libra/Virgo/Cancer

The affection I have for these signs are equal, so I will group them together since there are more than ten. Libra friends are my biggest supporters and are always down for a party with me. I find that we are more often than not on the same page with every emotion. Virgos are my rock and my support system. I wouldn’t have gotten through my freshman year without two special Virgos in my life, and two different special Virgos help me get through each and every Oracle production night. I also adore the Cancers in my life. They are just so nice. Never any problems. They can be a little romantically all over the place, but hey, I’ve never dated one, so not my problem.

3) Gemini

This fun-loving, mutable air sign is definitely the most over-hated sign in my opinion. Being opposite from each other in the astrological wheel means that you will have an instant and powerful connection. For me, that sign is Gemini, and together we are truly partners-in-crime and chaos. One of my housemates and closest friends is a Gemini, and we are always scheming some sort of plan together. The best part is, she is always down to do so. Having someone that always fosters my awful plans and ideas can be dangerous, but is mostly amazing, and this is why I see the greatness of this controversial sign. 

2) Other Sagittarians

This should not be a surprise. I love my sign so much, so it makes sense that I would love the other ones. I don’t know a lot of Sags, but the ones I do know are such important people in my life. My childhood best friend that I still am close with today, my boyfriend and a slew of other close friends are the main examples. Matching their energy is so easy because we read each others’ minds. Sometimes the overwhelming fire sign power clashes, but most of the time I love being around us just because we are so easygoing and always down for an adventure. What more could you ask for? 

1) Aries

Ugh. I simply don’t have a bad thing to say about Aries. Other people do, but most of the charts I see that rank the best astrological friendships have the dynamic mutable and cardinal fire signs of Sagittarius and Aries. Similar to Leos, their self-confidence, fiery passion and ability to speak up for themselves inspires me, but they are also fantastic listeners and advice-givers. Every single Aries I know I am unbelievably close with, and they have all changed the trajectory of my life for the better. 

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