Transit Hub Provides Safety, Convenience

A new Campus Transit Hub was unveiled, providing SUNY New Paltz students with a safe and convenient location for commuting to class.

The $1 million project, located in the Route 32 parking lot, was created so buses can safely and efficiently pick up and drop off students by pulling into the lot.

Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management, John Shupe, was adamant about his concerns for students’ safety while using the Route 32 cross walks. Instead of Trailways buses stopping in the middle of the road and causing students to blindly cross the street, they will now have somewhere to pull off, he said.

“We built this to last decades so the money is all worth it in the long run,” Shupe said. “It was just a matter of time before someone got hurt, so we are doing whatever we can to prevent that for students and faculty.”

Traffic and safety issues were the main reasons why this project was necessary for campus, Shupe said. Buses would stop in the road going southbound on Route 32 and let students out, causing cars to build up in traffic behind the bus and students to cross through a busy road.

The Transit Hub took between four and five months to complete, and is now Trailways’ only stop on campus. UCAT and campus buses will continue their normal stops throughout campus but students are urged to use the Transit Hub for all Trailways rides, Shupe said.

Kerry Kamnidin, a third-year psychology major, said she was impressed with the hub and was using it for the first time that afternoon, instead of catching the bus on campus.

“It’s not much of a difference, but this is easier than taking the bus behind my dorm building,” Kamnidin said.

Third-year public relations major Mackenzie Quick has yet to use the Transit Hub but plans to do so this holiday season. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Quick plans to take Trailways to New York City so she can spend time with family there. Her expectations are high for the convenience and comfort of the new Transit Hub since the weather may make traveling uncomfortable.

“It’s always a struggle traveling around Thanksgiving, so I hope this is worth the money they spent,” Quick said.

Shupe and his team want to remind students that the hard work and money spent from campus on this project was for the purpose of their safety. When using the Route 32 crosswalks, never walk right into the street, make sure the surrounding cars are aware of your crossing.