Trends That Need To Be Trashed in 2017

Each year, celebrities and designers bring in quirky ways to change fashion and beauty norms — for better and for worse. In 2017 we have seen some truly different ways to dress and put a spin on traditional makeup looks, as well as the reuse of some major trends of the ‘90s. Although they were fun while they lasted, these trends should die by the end of December. 

Tracksuits: A trend of the ‘80s and ‘90s, Kylie Jenner and other celebrities brought the athletic wear back to the mainstream once again. While Tony Soprano and Paris Hilton owned their tracksuits, it is a trend that cannot be brought back due to its recent demise. Wikipedia states that “tracksuits went out of fashion in the late ‘00s, and have not been popular as street-wear since.” Let’s keep it that way. 

Fanny packs: Like most people, I value comfort over being stylish but there are certain limits we should have. The fact that you have a small pouch attached to your waist looks quite awkward, but I understand its practicality. However, once I saw a video for a “dad bod” fanny pack, it certainly signaled the time that as a society, we should end this ongoing trend immediately. 

Overalls: Overalls are like scholastic book fair handouts- they belong only in your childhood. If you are not engaging in manual labor that includes a risk of your clothes being ruined, the need of a sack of denim over your body just seems impractical. 

Crop tops with long sleeves: This year, a surge of body positivity has reminded us that no matter your size, crop tops can be a boost of body confidence, but they were made useless by mainstream stores such as H&M and Forever 21 by incorporating long sleeves. With the weather getting colder, how would long sleeves keep a body warm if the stomach is exposed? And crop top hoodies? Perhaps in 2018, a good resolution would be to stop showing a bare stomach in cold weather. 

Platform shoes: As with everything in life, platforms are great in moderation and can look quite interesting on certain shoes such as oxfords and wedges. Platform crocs however, are not one of those shoes, and neither are sneakers. Crocs and sneakers are worn for comfort, but to add a sizable platform to it is a rough way of trying to make it stylish.  

Shirts and sweaters with random slogans: It happens quite often. You enter a store and spot a cute shirt or sweater. You take the article of clothing off the rack and in bold colors, it displays “I Love Naps” or some other overused corny saying in the English language. Yes, sometimes it can be funny, but they are mostly cliche sayings that are no longer cute or amusing after the age of 12. 

Chokers: When I used to go to Claire’s as a girl and bought chokers, never would I have thought that the adult population would join in someday. Unfortunately, we have and can’t seem to let it go. 

Pompoms on anything: While furry little pom poms were used solely in arts and crafts, they upgraded to a fashion statement this year on handbags and shoes. The colorful and fluffy aspect of it makes it tolerable but always ends up looking like a third grader’s DIY project. 

Furry slippers: While Rihanna can do no wrong, creating a series of furry slip ons simply adds to this list of impractical and questionable trends. Retailers soon joined in on the trend by selling them for as low as $15 while Rihanna’s Fenty Puma faux fur sandals cost about $100. 

Bodysuits: Why make going to the bathroom difficult?