Unlock Your September Secrets

Horoscopes by Eric Francis Coppollino

ARIES (3/21-4/19) – The question of your relationships is about devotion. That does not imply monogamy or sex, living together, getting married, being jealous or even being together. What is strongly implied is making sure that you hold open the space for the right thing to happen. That might mean accepting the relationship in a new form; it certainly means consciously embracing the changes and the growth process of the people you care most about.

TAURUS (4/20 – 5/20)    –   Your creative fires are burning hot and clean and your solar chart is revealing a devotion to your work that’s unusual, even for you. This is the beginning of a long-awaited new phase of your professional life, one where the work itself is all that matters. However, you still have that one little skill you need to practice, which is the one about getting out of your own way; the one about not overthinking things; the one about trusting your process. It’s possible that the sheer strength of your talent, passion and devotion will get you past that little knee-high fence that your life story is constantly hopping over. Keep an eye on that little fence. Establish the central purposes of your life, and then organize your life around fulfilling them. 

GEMINI (5/21 – 6/21) – Recent astrology, from the total eclipse to Mercury retrograde that’s about to end, has challenged your sense of grounding and security. You’ve established a new relationship with your living space, with certain relatives, and with the experience of being alive on Earth today. If you can do one thing — be less judgmental, and more observant — you will release a torrent of energy. And in the process of doing what amounts to breaking an inner dam, you will feel safer. 

Many people are feeling really, really shaken up right now. You are, in a sense, a teacher of safety and security merely in your gesture of feeling safe. Yet you need to go past that, and translate safety into belonging. 

CANCER (6/22 – 7/23) –  

Your astrological sign (or rising sign) is one ideally suited for the art and craft of writing. Virgo has been bristling for many weeks, and it’s especially strong now, with Mercury retrograde wrapping up, with the Sun present, and with Venus and Mars approaching. In the world that’s rising, people who can write coherently, with accuracy, and with a touch of elegance will possess a skill that’s on the level of alchemy. Devote yourself to learning how to express yourself in written language, and to do so well. This includes writing letters, emails and stories where you reread, revise and proofread three to five times. The harder this is for you, the more you need to do it.

LEO  (7/24  – 8/23)  –  

Your world is still reverberating with the effects of the total solar eclipse that happened in your sign on Aug. 21. Whatever may be going on for the people in your life, you’ve arrived at a threshold of your journey on Earth. You may now see that the signs of this go back about two years; many events happened in preparation for what you’re experiencing now, and what you’re about to experience. Keep dedicated people around you. You’re entering a period of achievement, which will require that you have a high level of accountability — and that you bank on all of your skills.

VIRGO (8/24 – 9/22) – When Mercury, your ruling planet, stations directly on Sep. 5, it does so in the exact same degree as the total solar eclipse that happened on Aug. 21. The eclipse created an opening and you’re about to find out what was really going on. This may take the rest of the month, because you’ll need to integrate a discovery that you may find quite unbelievable. You are changing and you are, in truth, a much larger being than you ever imagined. Practicing using these skills, and being this person will build your confidence in ways you’ve never imagined possible.

LIBRA (9/23 – 10/22) – When the Sun enters your sign on Sept. 22, it forms a conjunction to Vesta. Potentially the most interesting asteroid, Vesta says you have a job to do, to which you must devote yourself with your whole being. The Sun and Vesta meet up early in your sign, activating what’s called the Aries Point, that describes the kind of impact that you may have. You may be working behind the scenes for a while, and you’ll have to do some of what might seem like thankless work. Don’t worry about that part: all your efforts count. Between now and when this astrology starts to phase in around Sept. 18 (when Vesta enters your sign), do whatever mental work, housekeeping, karma-clearing and meditation that you need.

SCORPIO (10/23- 11/22) – Recent events have thrust you into the spotlight, and also made you subject to a degree of public critique. You don’t have an especially thick skin, so this has its challenging moments. Be willing to reveal what you would not ordinarily allow anyone to know, and feel how strong you are when you have no secrets. When Mercury stations direct on the 5th, you may get an extra push in that direction, so make sure all your words and deeds are honorable and fit for public consumption.

SAGITTARIUS (11/23 – 12/21) – You’ll need to keep a high level of influence, and at times control, over all of your projects and affairs. You’re in that spot where every detail must be aligned with your grand plan. The gel has not fully set, and you still have considerable influence over just how that happens. Focus on the order in which things need to be done, and laying the groundwork for the future through careful preparation. Focus on who your closest colleagues and allies are; now is the time to firm up arrangements.

CAPRICORN (12/22 – 1/20) – Are you wrestling with your conscience? Do you need to think about what is good, what is true, and what is righteous? You don’t need so much theory behind your approach to life, to love, or to work. You don’t need to plan as much as you do, especially if planning helps you feel less insecure. What’s actually happening is that you’re exposing something more elemental and much closer to your core. This is about direct experience, not theory. In a short time you’re going to start making decisions, and you’ll need to choose on the basis of what is objectively right more than what seems right for you personally. 

AQUARIUS (1/21 – 2/19) – There seem to be more alterations to your financial affairs than in a tailor shop during prom season. Yet you’re stitching together a coherent plan, and something with potential. What you need, though, is a more compassionate embracing view of your partnerships. You could do more with certain people, if you recognized how productive the relationships really are. You share purpose, you share resources, you share necessities. It’s only a flimsy Chinese wall that keeps you thinking there is some division or divergence. You’ll start to see the light when Vesta and the Sun move into your fellow air sign Libra in a few weeks. 

PISCES (2/20 – 3/20) – There are suddenly many people in your life: various shades of partners, prospects, potentials, friends, lovers and a few who are deeply devoted to you. Give them credit for showing up every time they do. Make a special effort to see them as whole beings, with whole lives, which happen to interface with yours in a few key places. Vesta and the Sun are headed for Libra, which is about you being a master of resources. Even if you have an abundance, use it wisely and plan your future investments carefully.