Wake Up, The Adventure Continues

zameena mejiaMonday, April 21 was the “Adventure Time” half-hour-long season six premiere, kicking off with “Wake Up” and “Escape From the Citadel.”

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched this new episode yet, I recommend coming back to this review after doing so.

“Billy’s Bucket List” ended season five on a very pensive note when Finn — with the help of his grass sword — defeated the Fear Feaster (a physical manifestation of Finn’s fear of the ocean) and completed the bucket list his hero Billy left behind before dying. While floating in the ocean, Billy appeared to Finn via a constellation in the sky and told him he must go to the Citadel where his human father is.

The season five ending is vital, as it emphasized the importance of Finn venturing on a quest to find his dad, which reminded viewers of  Finn’s long-time desire to meet other humans as seen blatantly in “Susan Strong.”

The season six premiere, “Wake Up,” began with a party featuring some of the most powerful figures we’ve met in the entire series, of these including Prismo, the Cosmic Owl, Death, Peppermint Butler, and the Lich.

The idea that in order for Finn and Jake to get to the Citadel, a universe one can only enter if he or she has committed a cosmic crime, was very clever, but the fact that Prismo didn’t realize he could be responsible for his demise didn’t make sense to me. What did make sense was the Cosmic Owl’s abrupt foreshadowing exit from the Time Room.

“Killing a wishmaster is a cosmic crime,” Prismo said. “Once I’m dead, a guardian will show up and take you to the Citadel….As soon as my corporeal body falls asleep again, in a thousand years, I’ll be back.”

In line with my theory of dog ESP, Jake expresses his unease with Prismo’s decision and the Lich immediately gets up and kills Prismo’s mortal (could be human?) body.

The fact that the Lich killed Prismo’s mortal body and assumed the blame for the cosmic crime makes me a bit skeptical about Billy’s apparition in “Billy’s Bucket List.” It leads me to believe the Lich intentionally lured Finn to the Citadel. I’m personally not surprised that Martin, Finn’s dad, seems like a shifty guy, but I’m also skeptical ahout whether he’s actually Finn’s dad.

Jake’s ESP was presented again during the Lich’s monologue when both Finn and Jake couldn’t open their eyes. Finn’s awesome grass sword attempted to bring him back on his feet, pulled through with giving Finn’s arm super-strength, but then off went his arm, another frequently alluded to circumstance in past episodes.

I’m really looking forward to the rest of this season because it seems like our questions will be answered and the storyline will further sprout in interesting new ways.

Special shout out to Shelby the worm who asks Prismo for a pony for his girlfriend, wasting a perfectly good wish, but scoring “mad points” for making his girl happy.