WFNP Senior DJ’s Say “Goodluck and Goodnight”

Signing off. The SUNY New Paltz community says farewell to the graduating WFNP DJ’s. 

The WFNP station, located on the fourth floor of the student union building (SUB), has daytime and nighttime radio shows. DJs have certain protocols to follow with public service announcements, drops and mic-breaks. 

The graduating seniors from the station have dedicated their time to sharing their talents with their listeners. These following DJs have made special playlists including a wide variety of themed shows, genre-based shows, interviews and talk shows featuring guests and friends. 

Max and Marc in the Morning at Night: DJ Marky Marc and DJ Max

Marc Mifsud and Max Wexler, both fourth-year digital media production majors have been a duo at the station for two years. They celebrated their last show by bringing on close friends to shake things up.

Mifsud appreciates the memories created by WFNP. 

“On April Fools this year, we made a whole joke show that we didn’t take seriously at all and it was so much fun,” Mifsud said. “I’ve always wanted to become an entertainment personality and being a DJ has allowed me to figure out what that personality is.”

DJ Max cherishes the time they did a mic break speaking the lyrics to “All-Star” by Smash Mouth. Wexler encourages new DJs to “develop a personality and have a basis of knowledge on what it takes to be an on-air performer.”

“Doing an FM show forces you to work on your conversational skills,” Wexler said. “Thanks to the show, I’m more confident carrying discussions.”

86theBS: DJ TrishNChipz

Fourth-year public relations major Trish Mollo has been a DJ at SUNY New Paltz for three semesters. Almost every show will stay with her. On 86theBS, DJ TrishNChipz interviewed local music artists and made connections in the music industry. 

“Each interview I had was so genuine, and I have gained many friendships through those interviews.” Mollo said. “I have had music artists find and contact me from Brooklyn to Albany to come on my show for an interview.”

Mollo’s advice to future DJs focuses on appreciating and experiencing all the possibilities at WFNP.

“Don’t take your time at WFNP for granted, learn something, record your shows and promote your shows. You never know what opportunities could come your way.”

The Iron Hour : DJ Olin 

Cue the rock, metal and blues. Bobby Mondello, fourth-year digital production major, has spent a year as a DJ at WFNP. As a transfer and commuter student, Mondello wanted to feel a part of something on campus. The radio station was the perfect place for him to hold his craft and have school spirit. 

On the last show of The Iron Hour, DJ Olin was in the zone, emotionally. His friends and No. 1 fan joined him in the studio, playing all the hits and ending the show with a bang. After the show ended, it felt a bit heavy to him. 

“The station gave me the opportunity to express myself to community and have it be in a medium of conversation,” Mondello said. “I like to talk. That’s why I’m in radio.”

What the Funk: DJ Brawny

Breanne Casucci, fourth-year digital media production and English double major is the station manager at WFNP. She has been a DJ for four years at SUNY New Paltz. The station has given her memories that she will hold on to.

“It gave me two hours to myself each week to play music I and others enjoy, blab about myself on air and to be alone in a room, which to me breathes serenity,” Casucci said.                                                

On DJ Brawny’s last Monday night show, she signed off at midnight on the last night on air for the semester with a bittersweet feeling.

“It felt like ending a chapter in a book, to be cliche. I definitely felt weird leaving the station because I felt like I was never going to be back,” Casucci said. “But that’s such a lie. I was literally there the next day.”