When Things are Cold: Six Ways to Spend a Chilly Day in New Paltz

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

Whether it’s biking along the Rail Trail, hammocking in the quad or even shopping down Water Street Market — when it’s warm out, there’s countless ways to soak up the sunshine in New Paltz.

But this article was written and released on a chilly February day, just a couple days out from another snowstorm and weather so cold that the thought of even leaving your room to go to class feels dreadful. 

Though this weather leaves no room for frisbee on Parker Quad, this article aims at shedding some light on how to spend a chilly, gray day in New Paltz. I hope it can help you to find some things to do when things are cold — besides taking a long winter’s nap.

1. Pay a Visit to the Dorsky Museum

Located right at the center of campus, sandwiched between the Smiley Art Building and McKenna Theatre is the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art. Commonly known by students as the place they always mean to visit but never do — taking a bit of time to finally take a look around the Dorsky is a lovely way to spend a cold wintery day on campus. Right now, the Dorsky is showcasing “Mary Frank: The Observing Heart,” “The Dorsky at 20: Reflections at a Milestone Part II” and “Somewhere in Advance of Nowhere: Freedom Dreams in Contemporary Art.” 

2. Have a Dorm Lounge Movie Night With Friends

A pinnacle experience of my freshman year was crowding into a dorm room or lounge with my friends, connecting someone’s computer to the TV with an HDMI cord and having a movie night. We had no plans, we had no fakes, we had no money and I’m not going to lie, I’m now nostalgic for it. Having a dorm movie binge is a perfect — and free — fun thing to do when you live on campus and things are cold.

3. Watch a Movie at The New Paltz Cinema 

Everyone’s favorite tiny, tiny movie theater, now new and improved with reclining chairs and seat warmers, is open seven days a week. The Cinema can offer you an inside activity to keep you warm for two hours (plus previews!). The Cinema is currently showing new features like “Marry Me,” the rom-com where JLo inexplicably gets engaged to Owen Wilson and starting on March 4, the theater will be playing “The Batman” a movie sure to please DC Comics and Robert Pattinson fans alike. 

4. Attend an Event Hosted by the Center for Student Engagement (CSE)

From the creators of the flyers you constantly see on campus bulletin boards but never stop and read, is events hosted by the CSE. The CSE is hosting a series of on-campus events over the upcoming weeks such as a Paint & Sip, a Journaling for Self-Love event, a Burlesque Dance Workshop and a Tote Bag Decorating event. All of these events can be found on the SUNY New Paltz Engage site!

5. Focus on a New or Old Hobby

If you are completely bored and have nowhere to go while it’s freezing out, this would be a great time to start or pick back up an old hobby. Whether it’s crocheting, baking or reading novels, this is a great way to stay warm inside while doing something you love. 

6. Flip through an Oracle

I’m joking, I’m joking. But in a meta, please-read-our-stuff addition to this list, consider flipping through a copy of this week’s issue to pass the time while stuck inside on a chilly day.