Who’s Who with Annie Yu: Kevin Snyder

Kevin Snyder, student supervisor at Sojourner Truth Library

Kevin Snyder, student supervisor at Sojourner Truth Library

Annie Yu: Let’s start from the beginning. What made you decide to come to New Paltz?

Kevin Snyder: The wide selection of classes. There is so much variety. Also, I was recruited by the Cross Country Team.

AY: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

KS: I’m usually with my friends when I’m not at Rugby or in class. I also tutor at Highland Residential Center. And napping, I do that a lot.

AY: What is your favorite thing about working at the library?

KS: I meet a lot of new people that I end up seeing at other places and it’s a very laid-back job. I like the people I work with. Alex is one of the other student supervisors and we play Rugby together.

AY: Do you have any pets?

KS: Yes. I have three dogs. Their names are Princess, Shadow and Hercules. Princess is my favorite; my younger sister named her. She’s a beagle. I like her because she only listens to me and we have a special bond. We watch TV together and I like to walk her but I hate when she barks at other dogs. She has an annoying bark. Have you ever heard a beagle bark? It sounds like a howl (Laughs).

AY: What is your favorite thing to eat?

KS: Wings. Hot wings. I like wing night at McGillicuddy’s. I forgot what they’re called, but I had the hottest wings on the menu once and my eyes started to tear up and I had to drink a lot of water but my friends thought it was so funny. It was a bad day. I was sweating so much because of the hot wings. I also eat a lot of crap food – chocolate, burgers, chicken, a lot of chocolate milk and french fries.

AY: Do you like McDonald’s?

KS: I love McDonald’s. I usually get four McChickens when I’m really hungry. I eat three and then save one for later.

AY: Who is your childhood superhero and why?

KS: I was a Dragon Ball Z fan. I used to watch it a lot with my friends and we were really into it. My favorite character was future Trunks. I also liked to watch other shows like YuYu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Justice League and Spiderman.

AY: I know it’s a little far off, but what are your plans after graduation?

KS: Right now I’m still an education major, so if I continue with that I’ll probably go to grad school right after. And if not, then I’m thinking about dropping education and doing something in accounting. I like numbers.