Who’s Who with Annie Yu: Zhen Lin

Zhen Lin

Zhen Lin, TV/Radio production major

Annie Yu: What made you decide to come to New Paltz?

Zhen Lin: I’m originally from Staten Island, N.Y. My mom found this school in the Kaplan’s Top 25 Hottest Small State Schools. At first I was reluctant to come but when I came here for an Open House, I instantly fell in love with the atmosphere. The scenery is really nice because we’re surrounded by forests, trees and mountains.

AY: What’s your favorite thing about New Paltz?

ZL: My favorite thing about New Paltz is just the fact that I get to dorm and meet new people and interact and live with them. There’s no other place like college where you can experience this. These people come from all over, different states and different regions of New York, and I get to learn about their lifestyle and tell them my own story.

AY: Where’s your favorite place to go to in town?

ZL: The Cocoon. They have all these cute little accessories that you can buy for your house or your dorm. It’s everyday necessities that The Cocoon makes more cute and fun. They make very unique and creative shot glasses. One specific shot glass had ingredients on how to make different drinks. I haven’t bought anything yet but I like to just keep looking.

AY: What’s your favorite animal and why?

ZL: I like puppies because they’re very adorable and there’s just so many of them. They are there to cheer you up when you’re feeling down. I don’t have any, but I would like some. I would get a baby corgi and name it Fluffy.

AY: Since you’re in Jam Asia, are you the guy who walks around in the panda suit?

ZL: What do you think? Yup, I’ve been in the panda suit from time to time but recently, I’ve been the guy who’s been recording the panda around campus. Lynton or Kristine are usually wearing the suit now. I like wearing the panda suit because you get to be goofy and childish and just have fun. The only downfall of the suit is that you cannot see where you’re going.

AY: Let’s say you graduate in 2013, which is in two years. What are you looking forward to the most within your next two years?

ZL: I hope to expand my social and professional networks so I can get more internships. I’m hoping to work behind the camera at an entertainment or film TV station in New York City. I want to make more videos on campus so they can be put on the WNPC-TV Channel: comedies, music videos, all sorts of variety.