Why I Didn’t Go To Numbers School

If some of you don’t know, this is my last semester (tipping my hat to JulieBird). I believe that I’m supposed to set time aside to acknowledge my achievements and think about all the wonderful lessons I’ve learned, but the only thing I can think of is how I still don’t know what a vector is or how to solve one.

I was supposed to learn this in High School but for some reason, my teacher got fired and we skipped that week. Of course, that is not a proper excuse, but it was good enough for me. I passed the class and I moved up to pre-calculus and we decided to put these triangles in the past.

Then when I got to college the only class I took was “Statistics and Public Policy.” This course was essentially drawing bar graphs and eating Starbursts after finding the probability of pink squares in an average bag.

I was always good at math because I never tried to rationalize it. Math was like this illegitimate stepbrother who I didn’t have to pay attention to as long as I made sure he wasn’t getting into trouble. Math sat quietly in his room and played with his imaginary integers while I moved on in my education.

Now that I’m done with math classes for the foreseeable future, I’d like to say that maybe trigonometry wasn’t all that helpful. So you can take your hypotenuse and shove it up your quadrilateral and call it a day. I will never again look for your resultant, and you can figure out your own shaded area when the ladder is up against the house.

Sorry if this was an unnecessary tangent, but sine and cosine aren’t that useful either.