Witches Brew for The Soul

The witch is brewing. Have an ex you hate? That girl giving you mixed signals? Someone close to you lie to your face for a month? Have no fear, Halloween is here. It’s the perfect time to whip up a cauldron of karma for all those people who don’t deserve to be in your life.

No, not a poisoned brew, but one that will actually do something proactive for someone that actually matters … you! Tis’ the season to put on your witches hat and fix your hurting heart with this simple calming “spell.” To get rid of negative emotions, get you “cauldron,” or pot, and some simple ingredients at the Awareness Shop.

You will need fresh grass, lavender, rose petals, olive oil, an oven and an open mind. Mix the ingredients with a touch of olive oil in the pot and heat in the oven for approximately five minutes. Breathe in the scent with your eyes closed, relaxing as you inhale and getting rid of stress and misery out as you exhale (aka that guy who broke your heart). Continue for five minutes, or until you start to feel calm.

Even though there are Halloween theatrics here, the basic idea is sound. Like yoga, concentrating on breathing in this case with the use of soothing ingredients, can really help your stress level.

So instead of debating on running over your ex this Halloween on your broomstick or turning him into a toad, get back the best way you possibly can. By being happy, yourself. Because this person probably does not deserve another minute of your time.