Your Student Senate Brief

The 61st Student Senate held their 9th regular meeting Wednesday, March 30 to discuss the potential opening of the Wooster building next semester, the importance of student feedback for Sodexo, the cancellation of a recent campus event and Senate Raps.

The meeting started off with a short discussion of the attendance policy. It was pointed out that there is no mandatory attendance policy and it is slowly becoming a problem. People generally show up for meetings for the things they want to vote for.

Whether it is because people are busy or they just go to the meetings they feel are important, an alternative method was offered where virtual meetings could be held to work around the busy schedules of senate members.

Another senate report discussed was a recent meeting with Sodexo General Manager Ryan Goodwin. He pointed out how many products on campus are more expensive compared to those in town.

Goodwin wants to accommodate to the financial needs of students by saving them money and offering more popular cereals, snacks, and other options on campus; but that can’t happen unless people give suggestions and feedback to the Sodexo team.

Suggestion boxes are available on campus in Hasbrouck Dining Hall, Jazzman’s and near the registers in Mangia Mangia Pasta and Wholly Habanero in Oscars. The feedback is crucial in the decision-making process.

Other financial concerns included Eric Wood speaking about the budget proposal being due on Friday; as he looks for New Paltz to have affordable higher education, especially with the proposed tuition hikes.

The Senate continued their meeting with the discussion of the Wooster building that is likely to open in Fall 2016. Jazzman’s Cafe will move from the Humanities building to the Wooster building.

A sandwich or cafe section will be offered to students here.

The scheduled event, How Media Can Sway Votes and Elections, with Jeff Cohen and Cliff Kincaid was cancelled and it sparked negative feedback among many. Students felt that this took away a learning opportunity and chance for debate.

After thorough discussion over the disagreement of the cancellation of this event, it was agreed that student unions on campus are crucial because debating and hearing different points of view really allows for a better understanding of a given subject, especially with media and politics.