Alumnus Seeks Village Trustee Position

Photo by Maxim Alter
Photo by Maxim Alter

Despite graduating from SUNY New Paltz in May 2010, Emily Crocetti has remained in the community she loves.

With the needs of students and residents in mind, she said she hopes to use her experiences to foster a better relationship between community members by running for a trustee seat in the upcoming village election.

“The walls need to be taken down, and there needs to be more cohesion between the groups,” said Crocetti.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in history, Crocetti said she hopes to save up some money to go back to SUNY New Paltz for a master’s degree in education.

“I’m not just living here to live here. This isn’t just the land I’m on – it’s the land I’m in,” said Crocetti.

Crocetti works at the Groovy Blueberry and has been working there since her freshman year at SUNY New Paltz. In that time, she’s formed a relationship with store owner Jonathan Cohen, who is seeking the mayoral position up for grabs. They are running together on the Groovy Blueberry ticket.

Cohen ran for mayor in 2007, but lost. He was a write-in candidate because all of his petition signatures, which he handed in as early as possible, were scrutinized and didn’t make the ballot.

Crocetti said Cohen is  also striving for more cohesion between the students and residents of the New Paltz village. He’s hoping more students will get involved with the inner workings of government.

“Unlike most adults, he’s willing to listen,” Crocetti said.

According to Crocetti, students are the economic lifeline and bloodline of the village. There’s no reason the community and the students can’t work together to strengthen that bond.

She said with the right amount of communication, businesses in the village could take advantage of this surge of people, and make some decent money.

However, Crocetti said there are tougher issues to mediate, like the noise ordinance and the village’s budget. That’s where the work comes in.

Crocetti said that she has spent the last three months burying herself in the village government’s documents.

“That way I’ll be able to hit the ground running,” said Crocetti.

Village elections will be held on May 3, at the Fire Department meeting room in Village Hall from noon to 9 p.m.