Christina Galeoto

Christina Galeoto
Christina Galeoto

YEAR: Fifth, transfer

MAJOR: Music, English

HOMETOWN: Clinton Corners , N.Y.


What’s your instrument of choice and why?

I’ve been playing music probably since I was around four, ever since I could decipher notes. I have a really good ear so I was able to teach myself a lot. Piano is my main instrument, but I play drums, percussion, guitar, and I sing. 

Are you in any bands?

I have a band right now and I have my own solo project under ‘Chrissy Galeoto.’

Who is your biggest influence?

My grandfather. He was on American Bandstand and in the navy band. He played with a lot of famous bands. He always tried to push jazz on me and now I’m kind of getting into it.

Who have you been listening to lately?

I’m a huge Irish folk music dork. Various classical composers. 

Any advice for aspiring musicians?

Practice really hard. Find your own voice. It took me a really long time to find mine.

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