Column By Maria Jayne

Maria Jayne
Maria Jayne

So basically, “Friendless Friday” has become a staple in my week. It’s not necessarily a bad thing — it’s just a fact. I’d rather stay at home on Friday nights listening to reruns of “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” and work on my night cheese (for those of you that don’t know, night cheese is the tradition of eating cheese late at night as per Liz Lemon).

The funny thing is, I used to go out every Friday with friends to party and get drunk just like everyone else. I know some say students on average have less than three alcoholic beverages a week but I don’t think they polled my friends. Hanging out with friends and partying was like this sort of college ritual that only the well-adjusted kids took part in.

When I first started going here I felt bad for staying in my room for long periods of time. I felt as if I always needed to be doing something and meeting up with friends. I made sure I didn’t eat alone, work alone, study alone and most importantly drink alone, because if I did I’d be an outcast or worse: a flat tire.

But now I couldn’t care less. I’m not sure if it’s an “age-thing” as my mom would say because I’ve become mature and started to reprioritize my life (I mean, I tend to knit a lot and if you ask me who my favorite movie star is I’d say Fred Astaire…but that’s about the extent to which I am mature), or because I honestly don’t like having to entertain people anymore.

I think the problem — well, not problem, but reason — is I’m at this strange point in my college career (or life) where I dread having to do anything remotely time-consuming and then give up halfway. I don’t understand how someone can go to a movie and then start to fidget because of boredom, or when we set up a board game and don’t even get halfway down the playing card. I feel like I’m constantly planning things and never going through with them because there is a chance someone will get bored.

I understand some people can’t just watch videos on YouTube for hours or stare at pictures of cats until their eyes start to ache but that’s why I need “Friendless Friday.” It’s like this special time where I’m allowed to do what I want and then fall asleep as early as I please because there are no articles to read or awkward conversations about what we should be doing because being lazy isn’t an option.

If you’re willing to loaf around and fight off the urge to make small talk maybe I’ll make an exception, but I doubt it.