Copy Desk Cookoff: Red Chicken

Chicken is a main staple in my diet and various cooking ventures. Growing up, my family practically lived off of chicken because of how much we loved it. I’ve grown accustomed to wanting chicken at some point in my day for lunch or dinner.

It’s no surprise that one of the first things I learned how to cook was a recipe of my grandmother’s called “Red Chicken.” It’s not the most original name, but that’s what my dad called it when my sister and I were younger. So, to this day, the name has stuck.

I don’t know the origins of this recipe, but my dad ate it a lot growing up. It was always a treat for my sister and I to eat whenever my mom worked late and my dad was cooking. Granted, both of my parents are great cooks, but this is one of my dad’s specialties. “Red Chicken” is a very simple recipe for anyone to make. The sauce is made out of tomato soup with garlic powder, oregano and basil. I admit it does sound a bit odd, but it tastes amazing.

The chicken is coated in a bread crumbs and a milk mixture with two eggs whisked together. After sautéeing it, one can of tomato soup is poured in along with a can of water. The spices are then mixed in as the sauce simmers off with lower heat on the stove. The sauce is what I consider to be spaghetti sauce, only made out of tomato soup.

I realize not everyone likes to cook or is capable of it, but this recipe is easy to make and many of my friends have liked it when I cooked it. I recently made it for my roommate and she loved it.

Whenever I have time to cook now, this is the first recipe I go to. It reminds me of home and how much I miss it sometimes. “Red Chicken” is a Kocijanski family recipe that is one of a kind.