Familiar Faces: Hana Suhail

Hana Suhail

Hana Suhail

Hana Suhail

HQ Worker, Ultimate Frisbee Team, Second-Year Childhood Education Major with a concentration in math

Annie Yu: Of all schools, why New Paltz?

Hana Suhail: I work at a day camp and my boss said that Binghamton was too far, Purchase was too close and New Paltz was just right. It has a good balance of art and academics. I went to a performing arts high school and I wanted something that was artsy but not too artsy. The town is adorable and there’s a lot to do here. I feel like at New Paltz, there’s something for everyone.

AY: What’s your favorite thing about being an HQ Worker?

HS: When people tell me they appreciate the music. I usually play Regina Spektor and The Shins. My favorite song right now is “Best for Last” by Adele. I also really like the sense of community and helping everyone. I love working with the awesome Student Activities Managers and Commuter Mentors.

AY: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

HS: Play Ultimate Frisbee. The Gunx, that’s the name of our team. Watch old episodes of “How I Met Your Mother.”

AY: Do you have any special talents or an interesting fact you would like to share?

HS: I can sing songs in seven different languages: Swahili, Latin, German, French, Spanish, Italian and English.

AY: What’s your favorite place on campus and why?

HS: (Points Up.) The Scholar’s Perch. It’s very relaxing and for some reason, I focus really well when I’m studying up there.

AY: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

HS: I guess I’d go to Italy. I’ve been there before but I have family there and I just love it there. I go to beaches and travel throughout Italy.

AY: What’s your favorite thing to eat on campus?

HS: Definitely the sushi. The combo – all salmon, no tuna. I eat it once or twice a week.