My Top 10: Facebook Meme Pages

I hate myself for writing this. I hate myself for even thinking that this was a good idea to write about. Let’s get it over with. Here are my top 10 favorite Facebook meme pages. I think it’s safe to say you probably shouldn’t check these out at work.

10. To Be Continued Memes

Take a clip show, remove the host and cut the clips off right before whatever big thing is supposed to happen happens. Also pair them with Yes’ Roundabout so the clips end right as that bass kicks in. That’s essentially what this page is. Good for some mindless humor if you like watching the lead up to people falling into things. Unfortunately no posts since April, but there’s a pretty sizable backlog to enjoy.

9. Fememenism

This page is a real tragedy. With only a bit over 1,500 likes and no posts since late August, it has some real meme chops that’ll likely never be seen. Swaths of Facebook meme pages are dedicated to super niche topics, but this is the only one I’ve ever seen dedicated to feminism. I’ll miss its stabs at SWERFs, TERFs, male feminists, white-centric feminism and that damnable patriarchy. Egalitarians and male musicians can sleep easy at night now that the discourse has lost a powerful ally. R.I.P.

8. The Philosopher’s Meme

This is one of those niche pages designed to appeal to a specific interest, but it’s an interest I definitely have. Unlike other philosophy based pages, I actually understand an OK amount of the content here. Pretty simple—if you like philosophy and get the jokes, you’ll like the memes.

7. >Implying Video Games Are Fun

The title says it all. Whatever game you like on whatever platform, it’s bad. This is one of those “funposting” pages that lives to make fun of whatever you care about. There are some problematic posts that come out of this page, but if you like video games and can stomach that stuff, it’s worth exploring.

6. Comemenism

I may be tipping my hand a bit here, but this page proves the left can meme. It once posted a meme about Slavoj Žižek playing basketball, so that’s really all I needed to see for it to secure a spot on my top 10 list. 

5. Fun Silly Drawings for Fun Silly People Haha

Do you like fun? Good. Do you not like people who don’t like fun? Perfect. This page is all about maximizing fun. While the drawings do get a little silly, they actually present a really positive message by making fun of people who criticize what other people like because it’s not as good as what they like. There’s nothing more fun than letting other people be themselves. No posts since September, so here’s hoping for a comeback soon! 

4. The Consolations of Philosophy Quotes of Wisdom from Alain de Botton

Two philosophy based pages? Yeah, that’s right. I didn’t even know who Alain de Botton was when I first stumbled across this page, but the sheer absurdity of the quotes assigned to the man makes it not matter. If you want to see a philosopher that looks like the guidance counselor at every high school in America make epistemological claims about doritos, you’re actually out of luck since there haven’t been any posts since June. I’m quickly realizing most of my favorite Facebook meme pages are dead. I miss you everyday, Alain. 

3. Shampoo is a Conspiracy

Do you worry about what happens to all the oils in your hair when they get washed down the drain? Do you fear that the government collects and uses them to grease the wheels of the war machine? Well, they do. This page is dedicated to raising awareness that shampoo is an evil government conspiracy designed to steal your precious oils. 

2. WikiHow Image Macros

This page should not exist. It takes the ridiculous attempts to offer advice from wikiHow and transforms them into pure absurdity. You want to learn how to cope with living near drug addicts? Too bad. You’re now looking at a drawing of a man pointing a gun at you asking who stole his last pop tart. This is the devolvement of humanity.

1. Florkofcows

I really hesitate to call this a meme page, but it’s close enough so I’ll do it anyways. I don’t know who runs this page, but whoever draws these sock puppets punching each other is a very talented person. You’re gonna get a wide variety of socks doing things, from making pools of AMP Energy to being cannibals. Enjoy.