New Paltz and the Chocolate Factory

Krause's Chocolates features the same 45 products available at the Saugerties location.
Krause's Chocolates features the same 45 products available at the Saugerties location.

Something sweet has made its way from Saugeties to New Paltz.

Krause’s Chocolates, located at 2 Church St. in New Paltz, had its grand opening on Sunday, March 11. The family business first appeared in Saugerties 40 years ago. The third-generation sweet shop still remains at its base location on Partition Street, but a second location has been a dream for some time.

Bethany Gillepsie, manager of the Saugerties store, has been with Krause’s Chocolates for 11 years. She said that the idea of expanding the business to New Paltz has been a possibility for a few years.

Gillepsie said New Paltz was a good location for the chocolate shop because there is plenty of foot traffic.

“There are a lot of visitors and the college is there. It is more of a home-town feel and a good fit for a traditional candy store,” Gillepsie said.

Chocolate is hand-dipped and made on-site at the Saugerties shop. Because the Church Street shop is smaller, chocolate products will be made and shipped daily from the anchor store. Treats are also shipped across the United States to people who place orders on the store’s website.

Krause’s Chocolate differs from other candy shops because they make their own chocolate at home.

“I think just the fact alone that we hand dip, makes a big difference in taste. The customer gets a better experience. It’s not really run of the mill chocolate,” Gillepsie said.

Katrina Wawro, manager of the new store, has worked in the Saugerties shop since 1999. Wawro started working part time at Krause’s Chocolate while she was still in high school. She became store manager of the shop in 2010 before moving out of New York and she said the new store is one of the reasons she chose to move back in-state.

“Having a second store has been a thought for Karl and Lisa Krause [the owners] for some time,” Wawro said. “New Paltz seems to be a lively town. I think they made a great choice. I love the new space.”

The shop will offer the same 45 products available at the Saugerties store. A full case of hand-dipped, individual dark and milk chocolates, peanut brittle, homemade fudges, chocolate covered pretzels and potato chips and chocolate dipped Oreos (a bestseller) will all be sold at the New Paltz store. Chocolate bunnies will also be available soon for the season of spring and Easter. For vegans, the store carries a line of extra dark chocolate containing no animal products.

“I’m excited. It sounds like a cute little place. I like lots of chocolate,” third-year English major Katie Maus said. “I like dark chocolate and coconut a lot. So if they have anything with that, it will be good.”

Both Wawro and Gillepsie said they hope opening the New Paltz store will convenience customers who live in the area, as well as offer an additional location for those customers who travel far to buy Krause’s Chocolates. The managers said they hope to attract a lot of new customers who have never been to the shop.

Krause’s Chocolates will be open Thursday through
Monday from  noon  to 7 p.m. To follow the store’s current events and to learn about products, the shop is on Facebook, Twitter and it has a website,