Senate Discusses SORC Committee

The 51st student senate discussed the SUNY Student Assembly legislative agenda, the Academic Senate’s approval of changing major names and requirements, the creation of the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) Committee and approval of its agenda at their fourth meeting of the semester on Tuesday, March 8.

The SORC Committee was created to address putting a printer in the Student Union. Sen. Megan Grieco said in order to make a proposal there needs to be a committee.

“A room in this building designated to student organizations, it [would have] resources such as a computer and a printer, anything that would contribute towards organizations fulfilling their mission statements,” said Grieco. “It would be open to student organizations, it can be someplace where E-boards can have their meetings if they don’t have space allocated to them.”

Sen. Jonathan Espinosa said Council Chair Shayna Bentley want to open up space on the third floor, a room which will be vacant by next semester. This plan is still in the works.

Students in an organization won’t be able to use the printer to print their personal assignments. A quota system is being considered to limit the number of pages allocated to each organization. According to Grieco, funding for the printing equipment will be granted from the Budget and Finance Committee through the Student Association (SA).

The SUNY Student Assembly’s legislative agenda was also revisited by the senate at the meeting. The body discussed re-wording certain provisions, re-organizing priorities and making the language more concise on a rational tuition policy.

“My big fear is that if we don’t get our priority demand, if we have this rational tuition policy we’ll be safe,” said Sen. Alberto Aquino.

During individual senate reports, Sen. Ayanna Thomas discussed the Academic Senate’s voting and approval of changing the names of two majors. The Foreign Language Department will change its name to the Department of Languages, Literature and Culture. The Latin American Studies will consolidate with Caribbean Studies and become the Latin American and Caribbean Studies department.

The digital media management major will also make changes to its curriculum by making internships mandatory to graduate.

“[The] main reason to separate [digital media] is to meet the 21st century needs,” said Thomas.

The teach-in was also discussed among members and how it was generally successful.

“I’ve been here five years and I’ve never seen the [Multipurpose Room] filled to capacity,” said Senate Chair Terrell Coakley.

The next general meeting of the student senate will take place on Tuesday, March 15 in Student Union 418.