Student Association Seeks To Fill Web Position

The Student Association (SA) will begin looking for a new web administrator for the daily operation of their website.

The position is currently held by Travis Nanek, a computer science graduate student, who is graduating in May 2012.

“Travis is awesome, but he’s graduating, so we need someone to replace him,” SA President Terrell Coakley said.

Nanek is not entirely opposed to staying if SA needs him, but he doesn’t want to take the job away from another person.

“If I’m needed, I can do some work but I want it to be a student because it’s student money,” he said.“I would be willing to do contract work though.”

Coakley said Nanek did much of the coding for the website. Most of the coding only Nanek  knows how to work with. He will have to train the new person so they can understand the system.

According to Nanek, he will train the hired person based on how familiar they are with the methods he thinks work best for the SA website.

“I’ll walk them through how I go about doing things that will need to be done,” Nanek said. “They can write their own guides while I’m around to proofread them — not everyone needs to know the same level of detail, so writing [them] myself would be a little difficult.”

Daily tasks depend on what needs to be done including answering emails, updating content on the website and posting about new legislation approved by the senate.

Other duties will include creating a manual site backup which will encompass updates on the individual components that make up the site.

The website,, features a list of SA organizations, office hours of E-board members, downloadable forms and other content.

Nanek said it is important to note that SA has evolved since he created the website.

“The SA has evolved since I created the current site, so there are features which are not used anymore but they still exist,” Nanek said. “I just want to answer those questions before the person stumbles across some remnants of them and gets confused.”

SA has certain qualities in mind when searching for a new web administrator.

“We are looking for someone diligent and hard working,” Coakley said. “[Nanek] set a high precedent, so we’re looking to move forward with what he set up.”

Senate Chair Alberto Aquino said the position is better suited to a student than an outside person seeking a career.

SA will be completely in charge of the hiring process, but the plan has not yet been finalized. Aquino said the process will likely include people applying with their resume and a letter of intent, and then SA will hold one round of interviews.