Top 10 Ultimate: Top 10 “Top 10s” of The Oracle

This is the second time I’ve ever been tasked with writing a Top 10 and just like the first time, I’ve realized that I am at a total loss for a single creative idea.

Like the last time, I didn’t form an idea for this until the day it was due. And just like that time, I begged my friends for an idea, couldn’t choose from those and ended up scouring other Oracle Top 10’s for inspiration. 

Unfortunately however, somewhere between the ages of 17 and 21, I lost every creative, idea-generating bone in my body and could not form my own for this article. 

So, since I can’t come up with my own ideas, here are my Top 10 Oracle Top 10s. 

I would like to put out a disclaimer that I am in no way actually ranking these. I think these are all wonderful lists and none of them deserve a higher spot on this list than any other. I would also like to say that the entries on this list only date back to the Fall 2019 semester. Why? Because those ones are just better than previous ones. Just kidding! That’s just when I joined — here’s my list:

10) “Top Ten Tips to Write a Better Top Ten” by Madalyn Alfonso

This Top Ten list has every tool I needed to write a good Top Ten including the 10th tip: “Don’t put it off ‘til the last minute.” This tip I, of course, followed despite what you may have read in the introduction. Though I may or may not have skipped that very important step when writing this list, this article is filled with good advice on how to tackle an article that could be surprisingly daunting if you are unprepared for it. 

9) “Top Ten Least Favorite Noises of All Time” by Danielle Walpole

I always loved Dani’s humor and writing style, both of which transferred seamlessly into this Top 10. As someone who comes up with a creative idea every three to four months, I admire this article for its originality. 

8) “How to Get Organized in the Post-Honeymoon Phase of Quarantine” by Ethan Eisenberg

Okay technically this is not a Top 10, it’s a list of 5 tips. But when thinking of Oracle list articles that stuck with me, this one came to mind. This came at a time when it seemed impossible to do schoolwork after two weeks of doing a whole lot of socially distant nothing. Ethan’s article inspired me to get my stuff together. Spoiler alert: I didn’t get anything together but this article inspired me nonetheless.

7) “Top Ten Horror Movie Villains Based on Survivability” by Nikki Donohue

Maybe it’s because Halloween just passed or maybe it’s my love for the movie “Scream” (whose villains Billy and Stuart get the second spot as most survivable on this list) but I love everything about this article. From Nikki’s humor to the excellent points she makes for each ranking, this Top 10 is wonderful.

6. “Top Ten Best (of Both Worlds) Hannah Montana Songs” by Zoe Woolrich

As someone whose first concert was Hannah Montana and whose first slumber party was Hannah Montana themed, I had to include this Top 10 on the list. Hannah Montana was a formative piece of my childhood and I’m glad Zoe gave her the recognition she deserves. I would argue that despite Zoe’s reasons for almost not including “He Could Be The One,” the song actually deserves the number one spot, but that’s a discussion for another day.

5. “On The Quad: Top Ten Spring-y New Paltz Activities” by Alli Dempsey

There is something so special to me about the start of spring. When all the snow starts melting and I can come out of my winter-driven hibernation. The start of spring always feels like a fresh new beginning. Alli perfectly captures that feeling with each entry on this list. I especially appreciate number 7, “drinking a matcha,” since last spring I absolutely fell in love with the beverage.

4) “Top 10 of Life’s Simplest Pleasures” by Emily O’Neil 

I didn’t read this article until recently when scouring former Top 10’s for this list, but I am so glad I found it. Emily’s ranking of the Top 10 simplest pleasures in life was a pleasure for me to read. It was a lovely reminder that despite anything stressful going on right now, there are still sweet, simple things to look forward to.

3) “Eight Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started College” by Amayah Spence

I loved this first Top 10 (or Top 8) of the semester. Amayah always has a beautiful writing style and this list is no different. I still think about the points made in it from time to time. The only thing I do not agree with is that you don’t really need a bookbag. I love my bookbag. Is it heavy? Yes. Is it versatile? No. But I will be seen with it until the day I graduate.

2) “Oracle Staff Picks: Top 25 Albums of the Decade” by the Oracle staff

Is this a Top 25 rather than Top 10? Yes. But does it still hold a special place in my heart and this list? Also yes. Publishing the last Oracle of the 2010’s with a ranking of the best albums of the decade as voted for by our staff was a phenomenal idea in my opinion. Some choices were met with debate while others were seemingly no-brainers. Regardless, I love to look back at things in review. I think this staff-compiled list was a wonderful look back at the 2010’s. It also gave the voices of everyone on staff a chance to shine.

1) “Top Ten Displays of Unconventional Yet Exquisite ‘High Art’” by Jake Mauriello

Jake’s final take on the Top 10 covers unconventional examples of ‘high art’ but it is simply a piece of high art in and of itself. I overheard this article being discussed last semester during production night, specifically number 9 “gatekeeping things from straight men.” Overhearing this I thought the article was going to be the top 10 things we should gatekeep from straight men which I think would’ve been a great article itself, but the inclusion of this activity on things that are high art is in fact exquisite.