Unmasking A Love for Art

New art club, Art Unmasked, cherish the collections at the MoMA.
New art club, Art Unmasked, cherish the collections at the MoMA.

SUNY New Paltz’s new art club’s mask has been lifted.

Art Unmasked is a group on campus for art lovers who cherish the art collection of New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMa).

President Jasmine Cepeda said she created the club because of her love of art, art history and the famous museum. She is a MoMa Teen alumna who took classes at the museum since her junior year of high school.

“I really missed having conversations about the current art scene and visiting the MoMA,” Cepeda said.

Cepeda said she asked her friend, undeclared first-year Sadie Godlis, to be vice president and they created Art Unmasked together.

Godlis said she was always surrounded by art because her dad is a photographer.

“[He] used to take me to museums and exhibitions, and for a while I didn’t really understand that there was something special about art, it was just a part of my life,” Godlis said. “But after a while, I would . . . stand in front of a painting or photograph for 30 minutes and not get sick of it. That’s when I really began to love art.”

The group discusses artists they love, what different types of art mean to them, exhibits and work they’ve seen at the MoMa and the SUNY New Paltz art scene, Godlis said.

Art Unmasked took their first trip to the MoMa on Tuesday, Feb. 28, where they saw Sanja Ivekovic’s “Sweet Violence” show. Trips are completely free, including transportation and admittance to the museum.

Godlis said their trips are not guided, so they usually go to one exhibit together for about 40 minutes to an hour, and then club members can visit other parts of the museum for about an hour.

“Last time, we went out to eat after the tour and talked about [what] we saw,” Cepeda said.

The group will take their second trip to the MoMa on Saturday, March 10 to see Cindy Sherman’s exhibit.

The club also has an event planned for Monday, March 12 called “Art Junction,” where SUNY New Paltz students are invited to come and create a collaborative art piece, Godlis said.

According to their Facebook event, students are welcome to bring their own materials or use ones that Art Unmasked will provide, such as paint, canvases, brushes, prints of famous works, spray paint and chocolate and strawberry syrups.

The group hopes to “spread . . . appreciation and love for art on the SUNY New Paltz campus,” according to their  Facebook page.

Art Unmasked meets on Mondays at 7:30 p.m., in Student Union 401/405.