Visitor Comes To Council Meeting

At the Council of Organizations meeting on Monday, March 12, there was an informational by the campus liaison for Target, Christlie Julien.

Julien said taking a position as an executive intern at Target is a great leadership opportunity.  She said this program enables interns to learn how to run a business and take on roles as an executive team leader.

“I ended up working at Target by mistake,” said Julien. “And it was the best mistake of my life.”

According to Julien, SUNY New Paltz currently has a low internship and executive internship rate at Target which she hopes to change. She said she is graduating in May and is looking for someone to take her place. Interested students can contact her via email at for more information.

Following this, Shayna Bentley, Student Association (SA) council chair, said she is graduating in May and looking for a replacement for her seat on the SA board.

She said generally the position is filled at the second to last meeting of the semester,  but this year elections will be held at the next council meeting. The SA council chair must keep 12 office hours per week and also attend council of organization meetings, council board meetings, senate meetings and monthly meetings with the campus president.

Bentley said anyone interested should speak with her before the next council meeting.

Meanwhile, Jada Young, president of Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society (XAE), announced a fundraising event the group is having. She said XAE is planning to collect goods for Grace Smith House, a battered women’s shelter in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. and is looking to collaborate with organizations on campus. She said those willing to help should contact her

Youssouf Kouyo, SA vice president of finance, said the remaining funds in the budget is $5,612 down from $105,000 and the conference budget is currently $12,745. Kouyo said he is working on moving money from the research grant to the general programming budget because it is diminishing quickly.

The meeting then adjourned when Bentley encouraged members to attend TRANSaction in Lecture Center 102.