1. Thanks so much for coming and writing about the show! I really enjoyed our conversation! Great Article!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this article. It gave me a broader window into who Justin is and I really loved getting to know you better through your written thoughts. Your Gram is an incredible writer and always makes me laugh! I’ve bugged her a few times about writing more. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Follow your dreams dear one!

  3. Hi, I truly appreciate Gianna Riso’s article. A couple of corrections? In one or two places the “Iroquois” pipeline system is said to transport oil, it is a “natural” gas transport. Also in one or two places it is said there are going to be new compressor stations, the compressor stations are already in place and have been for years, what is new is the size of the compressor stations. With the addition of new turbines the compressor stations in total are doubling their size. In essence doubling the emissions. And the increase in gas being pushed through the pipelines is very troubling due to the pipeline’s age as increase in gas pressure has been the causative factor in many natural gas ruptures and explosions. This is concerning beyond the compressor stations as it might happen anywhere along the line, especially as the pipeline was improperly built in the first place. Thanks so much for covering the rally! I know a lot of information was given at the time!

  4. This is an incredible Art program. My son has been a student in this art studio and he loves it. Alex has a great way to explain and explore different art media to the kids. I highly recommend it.

  5. Amazing job Cassidy!! Thank you for sharing this with the world, you are such an amazing and talented writer and to have the courage to share this is admirable. Love u ♡

  6. I am so very proud of you for sharing your story. Others cannot understand when they haven’t experienced this.i think you are courageous and I truly admire you.

  7. Really cool but Does not fit the demographic. Way too nice of a bar to be in a college town. Definitely priced out of the area. No college kids will step in there and It’ll be hard to sustain without the college crowd. Wishing them the best of luck though. Looks really cool.

  8. If we come to see what’s up at the lemon squeeze what time will we be able to listen to the piano and singer?

  9. Currently we have a very nice cauliflower steak as our vegan option but plan to expand our menu and add more options as grow. For now our policy is first come first served. We will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

  10. Very excited for the opening,hoping that you will have vegan options on your menu,wondering if you will be taking Christmas Eve reservations, would appreciate response if possible

  11. Great stuff, Maia! My favorite movies this time of year are, It’s a Wonderful Life and The Apartment; although, The Apartment is more my New Year’s Eve movie. I also love the dysfunctional family chaos in Arnaud Desplechin’s, A Christmas Tale. But what I always watch this time of year is the Lord of the Rings trilogy, because all three movies released theatrically a week before Santa’s big ride and I have so many happy memories of seeing them with friends and family.

  12. She should be the next mayor of New Paltz. Beauty, brains, rowdy and she’s got a good heart. Most of all, she has the most glorious car in the area.

  13. I found this song by accident and I love it… while playing it this article came up… well written and makes me love the song more… I think these days the sad thing is we are reduced to being unable to say many things and not able to express ourselves for fear of upsetting someone somewhere… Taylor letting everyone know how she feels about herself is a brave thing so for others to own it and turn it around to be about them is wrong…particularly if they have not understood that this is about her struggles in the first place… these days we are told what our beliefs and views should be and not allowed to openly disagree if its not politically correct.. this compounds the issues as people feel they are abnormal..

  14. Hi Sami
    It is nice to see that you are appreciating your school,, schoolwork, and all that the New Paltz area has to offer!
    I have many fond memories of my college days in upstate Ny (too many years ago to mention) and you will too. Enjoy every day! Take it all in!
    The days do go by quickly. Keep writing!
    Your Aunt Patti

  15. This event was actually hosted & coordinated by Eddy at New Paltz and the Center for Student Engagement/Intercultural Relations with co-sponsorship by Black Studies, SMP, BLM@S Collective, Faculty Center, Black Student Union, Dorsky Museum of Art. Please see details on the Eddy here: https://hawksites.newpaltz.edu/eddy/sound-your-truth-2/

    Stay tuned for Circle Back / Give Thanks: printmaking Nov 7 at Dorsky Museum; Thank you letter writing event, Sojourner Truth Library, Nov 15 & 16 11 a.m – 4 p.m.

  16. Great article much needed in New Paltz, the landlords act as if they are invincible. Especially as a lot of parents and kids don’t live in the area, so it’s hard to fight for their rights.

  17. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, this was only the third time in
    franchise history and the first time since 1971 the Mets had a starting
    lineup consisting entirely of players who had developed in their minor
    league system.

  18. The policy is way to intrusive into the lives of the students. If a student chooses to use recreational marijuana it is NO business of the school. If it is a concern, report them to Campus Police. This policy did not exist in the 80’s when I went to NP. Marijuana use was widespread, yet caused no problems on campus.
    What is a “marijuana related offense”? Is it an uptight RA reporting you or an arrest? In the former, it has no bearing on student life. Stay out of student’s personal lives and get back to educating.

  19. It was good that you did not stick with the job as RA because it is obvious that there are more deserving people than you and I have not clue as to why you would have ever applied for the position in the first place if your reaction to being a mentor was so disturbing. ” I felt like I’d just slammed shut the bars to a prison cell.” A little dramatic, don’t we think? And it is also obvious that you are not a people person, ” I had no interest in leaving my bedroom door open to bond with my residents.”

    There are so many qualified individuals that aren’t given the chance. It just goes to show that everyone who gets the job might not be as qualified as some thought!

    At least you changed your mind and I applaud you for that. Some stick with it despite being miserable. I just don’t think you should have made these thoughts public because you come across as a bit childish.

  20. Maybe the day that you all grow up and realize that drug laws are federal, and you don’t have the right to break laws and stay on campus, you’ll lose your stigma. That’s aside from the absurdity of holding racism rallies at New Paltz, of all places.

    This event is also so loud every year that no one on or off-campus within a two-block radius can get anything done during the weekend. You should stop pretending to be offended at the world and take a look at the people’s rights you’re actually stomping on.

  21. Students eat the food, it only makes sense for them to be the one to choose what they eat. I don’t understand why this decision is only made by CAS Board. I am disappointed at how they responded to students.

  22. This is a shameful piece of journalism. It’s not the best idea to review a movie based on its trailer. It’s even worse when the author attacks the individual actors/actresses involved with the film (including Franco, who is one of the smartest people in Hollywood). It seems like the author assumed that the girls in this movie were bad role models just based on the way they were dressed in the trailer. If so, then the author of this piece is guilty of the objectification she so detests. I apologize to the author only if she was compelled to write this article for an assignment.

  23. I’m hosting an online book club read of Dragonflight in January.  Although I am an avid reader of sff, this will be my first foray into the works of Anne McCaffrey.  I’m looking forward to it. 

  24. THANK YOU to the New Paltz Oracle and staffers for covering
    this! We appreciate your help to get the word out so we can recruit more
    volunteers to do direct and immediate work in the homes of the Sandy victims.
    The Sandy victims express their deep appreciation each time we go, they are
    impressed that even media organizations like the Oracle cares so much about
    them as individuals. It is so sweet, how they are touched. They will see your
    article~ I reposted in on our site. We next ride on Dec 9 and then take a short
    break for finals and the holidays. Then we will ramp up again. All the best to
    you all as you wind up the Fall semester, I will see you around! Merry
    Chrismahanakwanzika! ~Jen 523-1021

  25. Ridiculous how ignorant people will not get vaccinated, but wish to partake in all the privileges of a society that does.

  26. I was wondering if Sachar ever ventured six miles down Route 32 to the Rosendale Theatre where the long dream has already been realized…. “a great not-for-profit, community-based,
    mission-driven art house cinema in the center of the village.” Will the theaters be in competition? I hope nothing jeopardizes the success of the RTC!!!  Too many people have invested tons of their time as volunteers to save this single screen theatre!

  27. this is ridiculous. so this thing is supposed to replace the store where we COULD use our dining dollars and yet we can’t use them in the machine?? that was the great part about oscars, that you didn’t have to use your limited cash supply. wtf

  28. Here are the credits for the painting: “Big Cat – Mountain Lion with Foliage Fur”©2011, Jan Harrisonpastel, charcoal and ink on rag paper45 x 34.25 inches.Private Collection

  29.  “However, if you’re used to popping your head out of British police boxes
    and being in a different time period every time you turn a page, you’ll
    be able to handle the book just fine…”

    Ha! Doctor Who reference.
    Anyways I enjoyed the first book’s premise and its sequel (False Covenant). With that one’s ending, I now feel eager to see if the author will continue on with the series or not?

  30. Suny New Paltz is supposed to be a progressive place of higher education. If this is the apathetic nature of SA electees we may be in some serious trouble. You are creating a resume by extending hours. I have a hard time believing if more students were aware we could have the most progressive campus in the nation. Student Government is lame!

  31. awesome Zan.  this one gave me a funny vicarious nostalgia feeling, and I don’t even know any of these people!

  32. Finally! I know I’ve been waiting for this for a while. Welcome Back Melanie…(told ya’ Sally).
    a.c. burgess

  33. The alternative to listing Pepsi as a local food is for Sodexo to be forthright and transparent about where their food comes from.

    To address your second point, because students do not get refunds on the balance of meal plans, the meal plans are exempt from sales tax. 
    The decision to make meal plans non-refundable is one made by our campus in its contract with Sodexo.

    The benefit is that meal plans are tax exempt. The downside is that Sodexo keeps leftover money without having provided you with any services for those dollars. This document from NYS Dept of Taxation explains the issue: http://www.tax.ny.gov/pdf/advisory_opinions/sales/a84_8s.pdf 

    This is a decision that should be open for discussion in the upcoming contract renewal.

  34. Hi Ryan!!! My name is Marcy Rynne and I am a CF Mom here in New Paltz! I’m organizing the 2nd Annual Spring Dual Against CF this Saturday AM beginning at 9AM in front of the Reformed Church on Hugeunot Street.  Really hope you and some of your Rugby friends can be there to either participate or just hang out! I have an almost 6 year old son with CF who is the motivation behind my fundraising! Great article above and efforts on campus! Wish we had known about it last weekend. Info on the Dual is on FB at Spring Dual Against CF!

  35. Good question on the pepsi thing, maybe the bottler is local?  we should ask that.  But what is the laternative if I want a pepsi, not have it?  I thought the focus group was cool.  They asked what we wanted, That was the first time they asked me that?  But the of your idiotic bullshit?
    Where do you get this stuff?  Go on the New York State website for SUNY and see why you don’t get your money back – or read any school website – it will tell you its the law to keep in non taxable – or if you had a brain and could comprehend the simple written word, read a littl emore than your left wing bullshit – I still say get your facts straight

  36. Only issue is, the Rugby team doesn’t run through campus into people. Its not about their safety it’s about courtesy to other people. Skaters using main walkways during the day create problems.

  37. Bryan,

    Why does Sodexo list Pepsi as a local food?

    Why did they only decide to hold focus groups the semester before their contract is set to expire?

    Why does the leftover money from your meal plan not get refunded to you at the end of the semester?

    Why are meal plans mandatory?

    If Sodexo is supposed to be saving us money because of their ability to produce a product efficiently and in bulk, why is the cost/quality ratio so terrible when compared to the food on Main St produced by local small businesses?

    What do you have to say about this story: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/04/opinion/sunday/school-lunches-and-the-food-industry.html?pagewanted=all or these 
    http://grist.org/food/food-sodexo-to-pay-new-york-20-million-for-fraud/ http://www.inthesetimes.com/article/4282/cafeteria_kickbacks/ which show how Sodexo scammed public school systems out of millions of dollars?

    Has Sodexo on campus every been audited?

    Did any of these questions come up in your focus group? Why not?

    Join us on April 26 at 7 p.m. in SUB 407 to talk about these issues.

  38. This is dumb.  I was in the focus group and think that these people are working with us, students to make it better by asking our opinion.  I also read some of the stuff Sodexo sent out about the other stuff you say and have gone on line to read other stuff and think you don’t know what you are talking about

  39. I’m so proud of you, Charles, for always following your dreams – starting a band, traveling to foreign lands, and living life to the fullest. We always  look forward to hearing about your latest adventures! Love, Grandma Hilde and Vincent

  40. You are a beautiful person! So proud of you and so impressed with your voice and your perfomance! Love and miss you!! Your Aunty!!

  41. It may be somewhat biased to title this article as students discussing the “murder” of Trayvon Martin–murder implies Zimmerman set out with the intent to kill someone. Likewise, while I think that the cops did a shoddy job of collecting evidence and investigating, I also think that people (on both sides of the aisle) are jumping to conclusions way too quickly–there is no evidence that there was any racial motivation in the killing.  In fact (and I say “in fact” as literally as possible), no one knows what happened that night.  Zimmerman was bleeding from his face and the back of the head, so obviously some kind of altercation occurred (I’m not implying that it was provoked or unprovoked, however) before the shooting–whether Zimmerman was in enough danger to constitute self-defense is for the courts to decide, however.  Until then, I think we should hold off in assuming this is evidence that there are “systemic threats” to the lives of young black males and that they need to have a set of “survival skills.”  I believe this case may be more about gun laws, self-defense laws and vigilantism more than it is about race–the broadness of the “stand your ground” law will probably face the most scrutiny. It was this law and the police’s interpretation of it that most likely led to them to decide not to arrest Zimmerman (and possibly influenced Zimmerman’s actions).    

  42. Congrats Charles – you have a gift and a vision,  combined, you have an adventure ahead of you.   Best Wishes Jamie Midgley

  43. This article includes some errors and misunderstandings.  Dryden and Middelfield are TOWNS not COUNTIES, and, in fact, in NYS, all land use law is determined at the municiple, not the county, level.  We should surely urge our municipalities to protect us from fracking; however, given NYS law, there is nothing in the way of land use law that can be accomplished at the County level.  Counties CAN gather info, make preparations like road use laws, and help their towns and cities to access model legislation…..

  44. Hi there! I am the Northeast Coordinator for Real Food Challenge and I just learned about this happening at New Paltz!!! I am very interested in finding a time to connect to you involved in this to learn more and tell you a bit of what we are up to 😉

    Can you contact me at stefy realfoodchallenge.org (I tried to find someone’s email address but I didn’t succeed!)

    Looking forward to it!


  45. Right on! So happy to hear you are doing this ~ great for New Paltz and young bands.  Very inspiring! 

  46. Everyone’s pissed. The numbers plainly show who we want to see perform. Not the 5th act. Good job.

  47. “After police entered the common room, Doughty retreated into his bedroom with two other students” ….that’s a lie. when the cops came we had already been closed inside, we had been in that room with him for at least an hour. not that it’s anyone’s business to know this story but if you’re going to tell it, and if i’m going to have to hear everyone around me talking about it, then tell it right. 

  48. When I was in the military DOD regs required 1 smoking room per floor per building (inside). That allowed the smokers to stay warm and dry in bad weather, prevented 2nd hand smoke exposure to non-smokers and reduced time needed for smoking breaks (increasing productivity).

    When I worked for the USPS in Manhattan (years later) smokers lit-up EVERYWHERE – often leading to fires (due to high levels of paper dust) and destroyed mail. The USPS sorting building in Phoenix though had designated smoking break areas and a smoker’s room in the cafeteria (each with large electric air purifiers). THEY had no fires and people got along fine.

    Just my experience.

  49. “The popular slogan created during the protests was “We are the 99 percent” and relates to the richest 1 percent of the population possessing all of the wealth.”  Point Of Information: The top 1% posses ~42% of the nations wealth. 

  50. CONGRATS on TAKING ACTION 2 PREVENT crashes caused by drivers using cell phones!  The holiday season is fast approaching:  Turn Off Cell B/4 Driving safety reminder stickers make GRRRRRRRRRRRR8 stocking stuffers & a fantastic addition 2 any cell phone or “smart” device gift!  If each visitor printed a package of 750, then 684,750 would B in use around the world!!  Just print on Avery 5260 labels from http://myplace.frontier.com/~DriveSafely/  SAVE LIVES & STAY SAFE!!

  51. this man is what is described when dedication, and passion is mentioned as a focusing factor in ones chosen field of endeavor,,, pleased does not do it justice as to my reaction to his continuing developement..

  52. For the record, SSDP didn’t want Nas. We thought it was the best choice given other options given to us by SAP for Rock Against Racism. Another option that i remember clearly is Girl Talk. Many were shocked they even considered that an option for the event.

    The amount Nas got paid for arriving late and performing poorly is enough to pay my current college debt, two-fold, and still pay my rent for a year. It’s as if Nas’s agent stated a price and SAP nodded in agreement. I can only speculate that next to no negotiations took place between SAP and Nas’s agent.

    SAP seemed to forget to promote SSDP’s daytime event while they promoted the heck out of their nighttime event, even forgot to put anything about SSDP or our event on their T-shirt. SSDP, however, promoted the night and daytime events and the racism debates and discussions the day before. Also, Nas and SAP was on our T-shirt.

    I believe the general consensus of SSDP is congruent with most students, it is good that there are two separate events.

    I am also interested to see how administration reacts to another proposal to have an outdoor event that could bring as many or more people.

    Source: Current SSDP member

  53. For the record, Nas was chosen by a committee made up of SA members, and was only loosely guided by the activist priorities of Rock Against Racism. 

  54. Student loans are well on their way to overtaking credit card debt.  Americans are now paying down their credit card debt at a much slower pace than during the months immediately following the Lehman collapse in September 2008, but they continue to do so all the same.  Additionally, the delinquency rate on U.S. credit cards – 3.04% in September, according to Moody’s, is at a record low.

    Falling delinquencies have led to lower defaults, which will keep falling for months ahead, even as the late payment curve may have bottomed out already.

    Moreover, the monthly payment rate (MPR), which measures the ratio of their credit card debt Americans are paying back at the end of each monthly cycle, was at 21.29% in September, compared to a historical average in the mid-teens.

    If that is the new normal, it will ensure that low delinquencies and defaults are also here to stay.  Of course, there is also the possibility that, once we get back to full employment and consumer confidence improves, everyone will fall back into their free spending pre-Lehman pattern.  Unfortunately, we are unlikely to be able to test our propositions anytime soon.  http://blog.unibulmerchantservices.com/americans-slash-credit-card-debt-to-lowest-level-in-more-than-7-years

  55. Hi, im the owner of Reannas Closet, love the article on your shop!  I would love to be involved in the scavevger hunt, not sure what i need to do, but please contact me, i would love to donate some items and gift cards for the event!  Thanks, Felicia

  56. Mr. Pandya will bring a great new perspective on Planetarium function to this site. Excellent pick up for the New Paltz staff.

  57. It’s certainly a tough call. I just wonder how much of a psychological blow his departure would bring. It’s essentially a white flag for the foreseeable future….but the real question is whether the Mets are willing to accept that.

  58. To be honest, I want Reyes back, but the idea of him being signed to a long contract frightens me.  I have a feeling that whomever he ends up with, his performance will plummet when he doesn’t have to worry about a contract negotiation.

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